Hello old friend: Instagram filters are back

Hello old friend: Instagram filters are back

by Stella Hughes
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ICYMI, we’re in the midst of Indie Sleaze – the term first coined by Mandy Lee which sees the 2006-2012 aesthetic revived. Think digital flash photography, Tumblr as everything, grungy makeup and skinny jeans. And whilst we’re not quite at the skinny jeans stage yet (watch this space), we are arriving back at the casual Instagram stage. Just ask Addison Rae.

Seeing in the new year with a selfie set that is making its rounds online, Miss Addison is seen in denim hotpants and tights and a (faux?) fur coat – already harking back to the glory days of early 2010s style. But most importantly, she’s opted for the Valencia Instagram filter.

Back in the earliest days of Instagram, using the apps in-built filters were a must. That picture of your Christmas tree? Increase the colours with the Juno filter. Your sunday roast? Whack that on the ‘gram with Nashville. Bringing over your #pale aesthetic from Tumblr? Paris filter, obvs. And if you’re on holiday, don’t even think about snapping the beach without the pink-blue tones of the Rio de Janeiro filter.

Speaking of which, the Rio de Janeiro filter has been increasing in popularity over the last few months thanks to its cult status and society’s need for nostalgia – becoming the subject of a TikTok trend and meme in its own right. Seeing users add layers of the filter to their images until they are completely Rio-d out, the meme casts an ironic eye over the once-obligatory use of Instagram’s filters on all content.

Its ironic resurgence has come to symbolise the wider shift back to the era in which it was most popular – and as we’ve seen with digital flash photography, we’re no doubt set to see a lot more of Instagram’s iconic filters flood our feeds again. Are you into it?

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