CULTED is a Gen-Z multimedia and cross platform entertainment company, which launched in mid 2019. We produce and publish content daily, at the speed of social media. This covers the latest news and trends from Gen-Z’s forward thinking perspective on fashion, sneakers, beauty, art, music, and youth culture. Our omnichannel approach, combined with the captivating content we produce, have helped us amass a fast-growing international audience of 1,100,000+ users.

With a rapidly escalating TikTok account, community focussed Instagram account, plus a soon to launch conversation generating podcast, we are at the forefront of the changes occurring in the media landscape. And we aren’t slowing down any time soon. What makes us the ultimate destination for Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts is our strong focus on video fused with inclusive, ahead-of-the-trend topics. Our objective is to empower other young creatives all over the world, and allow them to be inspired by their own community.

What is unique about CULTED is not only our real-time production, but our ability to involve our audience in everything we do. We ensure that our community knows that their opinions matter, by listening to them and featuring content they ask for. Our analytics demonstrate our ability to engage with our community better than any traditional publisher, who so far have failed to compete with us. Through our polls, thousands of youths express their opinions on fashion, lifestyle products and arts. And similarly our TikTok videos featuring fashion and lifestyle products receive up to 100k views within hours. Our insightful videos about brands have already reached over half a million views from Gen-Z fashion fanatics, proving our unique and fast-growing influence in this field.

Our team consists of a broad variety of creatives including script writers, producers and video editors, all of whom are Gen-Z culture experts. We are young creatives, producing content for others like us.

If you would like to work with us or partner with us please contact us here.

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