Get your drinks on this New Year’s Eve

Get your drinks on this New Year’s Eve

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3… 2… 1… Happy New Year! Well not quite yet, but it’s never too early to decide on your drinks menu. Whether you’re throwing a party that would make the Great Gatsby feel not-so-great about his own bashes or you’re heading to the pub with some swift ones with your mates, we’ve come up with a list of must-try alcohols to kickstart your new year on a great foot – PSA: we can’t guarantee the enjoyment of a hangover-free first day of the year.

Count down the seconds with CÎROC

There’s nothing quite as classic as a bottle of CÎROC to share with your friends. A club go-to, we’re switching it up this year with a Red Berry flavoured vodka to spice up your drinks, and its matching red-coloured bottle – which you can totally personalise, by the way. Head here to grab your CÎROC bottle before your friends beat you to it.

Get the amigos to drink Casamigos

NYE should be spent with your amigos – and by that we mean your Casamigos. We may not have had a white Christmas but for New Years we’re sure having a Casamigos Blanco tequila. With its hints of citrus, vanilla, and sweet agave, all that’s left to the equation is a lime wedge and some salt, and you’re set for a smooth transition into 2024, which starts here.

Moët & Chandon wants you mashed & smashed

For our boujiee-er alcohol consumers, Moët & Chandon will be the perfect bubbly option to say goodbye to this year. Our personal recommendation is the Brut and Rosé options, but if you really want to up the ante this year, head over to London’s Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar in Harrods for an evening of champers and pampers. If you can’t make it though, you can always head here to grab your bottle of choice.

Take on the night with Tanqueray Gin

Who said G&T’s were reserved for mothers? In fact, go drink one in her honour this year with Tanqueray Gin. If that’s not your thing though, Tanqueray also offers its Flor De Sevilla Distilled Gin in the form of a Hot Festive Negroni – just add campari, sweet vermouth, and water – as well as in a Marmalade Martini – with lemon, sugar and marmalade. Head here to grab your bottle.

Bid adieu to the year with Aberlour A’bunadh Alba

Meaning ‘the original’ in Gaelic, Arberlour’s A’bunadh Alba will guarantee your use of the OG card to your friend group. Matured in ex American Oak, this whiskey picks up hints of ripe red apples, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon. It’s the deliciousness of a warm drink with the freshness of a cold one. Discover more here.

SEVENTY ONE Gin(s) and keep it coming

What’s better than one gin? SEVENTY ONE Gin, of course. Your fav celebrity’s go-to gin, SEVENTY ONE knows a thing or two about taking a swig and letting loose. Setting the exact level of hedonism for the night, SEVENTY ONE doesn’t just provide drinks for you here, but also a Night Flask discreet enough to sneak into your NYE gig (but you didn’t hear that from us).

Discarded Spirits Co. to discard tonight’s memories

There’s rarely a night out that doesn’t require a little bit of forgetfulness, whether alcohol or self-induced. We’re hoping this NYE won’t require that, but what we can count on it requiring is a healthy dosage of Discarded Spirits. Banana Peel Rum, Grape Skin Chardonnay Vodka, or Sweet Cascara Vermouth… The choices are plentiful. Head here to discover Discarded Spirits full offering – and why not try it all?

What would we do without The Macallan?

This is a serious question, and not having an enjoyable new year is the answer. The Macallan is always pushing story-driven alcohols, fitting considering the fact you’ll have loads of stories to tell after sipping on this one. Harmonise between yourself, The Macallan whiskey, and your NYE company for a prosperous 2024.

Get out your house and into Maison Courvoisier

Whether you’re staying in or going out for NYE, Maison Courvoisier will make you feel like you’ve travelled the world and landed in China. Part of the Dragon Collection, Maison Courvoisier’s Special XO 21 gift box celebrates the lunar new year (yes, that’s a bit later in the year but there’s no reason we can’t start pre-drinking for it) with Chinese artist Jiannan Huang’s dragon-inspired drawings. Head here to grab your hands on yours.

Instil the night with Buffalo Trace Distillery

New year, new Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon. Introducing its Eagle Rare 25, Buffalo Trace Distillery celebrates its heritage while looking ahead to its future, which seems to be a mindset we should all be embracing this new year. If intense cherry, oak, dark chocolate, vanilla, dark fruit, and butterscotch flavours sound like a bit of you, head here for your NYE bourbon.

We discourage underage drinking. Please consume alcohol safely and above the 18+ legal age limit. Drink responsibly.

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