The Culted festive drinks guide

The Culted festive drinks guide

by Ollie Cox
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It’s that time of year – rally the troops and relax for the holidays. Close the laptop and make your next drink a large one. Whether you fancy winding down with a whiskey, perking yourself up with a picante or going wild with the wine, take a look at some of the most tantalising tipples with our festive drinks guide below.  

Grab a Picante pick me up

When the weather gets chilly, a spicy marg is always a good idea. The guys over at Picante Spicy Margarita have brought back some pre-made picantes in an all-new 750ml bottle, technically serving 10-12 guests … But we won’t judge if it doesn’t stretch that far. Head to the Picante drink website to grab yours. 

Get Christmassy with CÎROC

Nothing beats a good ol’ bottle of CÎROC to share with mates, but because it’s Christmas, switch up your regular vodka intake with the Red Berry flavour to match your fruit coulis-covered pudding. The CÎROC Red Berry Flavour vodka is a must-find on the Christmas table, but also a perfect under-the-tree treat, so head here to grab yours, and if you’re feeling extra boujie, why not personalise your bottle here?

Cheers to 2023 with Chivas

Scotch is a great way to celebrate, and Chivas know a thing or two about it. It doesn’t always have to be enjoyed on its own, though. It works great in cocktails, so why not make yourself a Regal Punch to give your tipple a party-themed twist? Add 40ml of Chivas, 40ml pineapple juice, 40ml orange juice, 20ml raspberry syrup, 20ml lime juice and 1 dash of Angostura bitters. Serve with ice cubes, lime wedges, and mint. For more whisky and cocktail goodness head to the Chivas website

Get cosy with Greasy Fingers

This one is for the foodies. Aptly named Greasy Fingers, this medium-bodied blend of shiraz and perfect for slurping with cheeseburgers and chicken dishes. If you fancy something a little lighter, these guys have you covered with a Big Buttery Chardonnay for lighter meats and portobello mushrooms. You know what to do: fill your plate and your glass and have some festive fun. Both the red and white Greasy Fingers bottles are available at your local Sainsbury’s.

Take things up a notch with Zacapa rum

Zacapa rum has you covered this season with the La Pasión, the passion cask, a celebration of the unique Pedro Ximénez sherry cask used during the Solera System ageing process, offering a perfect balance of texture and flavour. Enjoy this one over a large ice cube or as the base of an old-fashioned one for the holiday season. If you really want to set the mood, London candle makers cent.ldn have crafted their first-ever bespoke candle as part of the release. Head here to grab yours. 

Turn up the heat with Havana Cuban Spiced

If there’s ever a time of year to drink something spicy, it’s the holidays. Havana Club’s Cuban Spiced Rum draws on Cuba’s hot and humid climate, creating an unmistakable flavour with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and cardamom. This one is perfect for warming things up when the temperature drops. Grab your bottle here

Enjoy some single malt goodness with Aberlour

When it comes to whisky, a single malt is a solid start. Aberlour’s A’bunadh Alba is made in homage to the brand’s founder, James Flemming. It is matured in ex-American Oak, resulting in an aroma of ripe red apples, along with honey, vanilla, and a hit of cinnamon. With a distinct whisky flavour and a hint of sweetness, this is not one you want to ignore. Head to the Whisky Shop to grab yours.

Get the amigos around for some Casamigos

You can’t celebrate the festive season without a few shots of tequila that will ensure your swift exit from the dinner table straight to your bed. The Casamigos Blanco tequila is the perfect option, with its hints of citrus, sweet agave, and vanilla. Slice your lime wedges, grab your salt, and head over here to secure your Casamigos bottle, and here if you want it personalised.

Take it easy with Equiano

Equiano Rum is the world’s first African and Caribbean rum, and for the holiday season has two delicious elixirs for you to sample. Alongside the award-winning Equiano Original, which is matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-cognac casks to offer something truly unique, Equiano has released a light version. This new addition to the line-up is a unique blend of aged molasses rum from the Caribbean fused with fresh sugar from Africa, offering a taste similar to a darker rum. If this sounds like a bit of you, both are available to purchase via the Equiano webstore

Get some grapey goodness courtesy of Oranj and Socks House Meeting

If you’re feeling fizzy this festive season, and you fancy lenging a bottle of the natural stuff, look no further than the Oranj x Socks House Meeting festive hamper. Inside, you’ll find a host of goodies, including a Sicilian orange wine and a host of E8-approved goodness from Drake’s and Haeckels. Get yours from the Oranj website. 

Go ‘ard with ARDRAY®

Another stellar scotch to add to your holiday drinks arsenal is a bottle of ARDRAY®. It is a complex yet approachable blended scotch, that brings the terroir of Scotland and the artistry of Japan into its blend. It doesn’t just taste good, but looks good too, arriving in a bespoke bottle marked with the year of release. Grab yours here

We discourage underage drinking. Please consume alcohol safely and above the 18+ legal age limit. Drink responsibly.

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