SOLDIER and Awake NY are designing for the dogs

SOLDIER and Awake NY are designing for the dogs

by Ollie Cox
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Lagos-born, London-based artist SOLDIER has teamed up with Awake NY for a capsule rooted in his 2022 art series, “ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN.” 

Dogs are a recurring theme in SOLDIER’s work, being tied to the people he has encountered on his travels around Africa and Europe where the artist found that many owners shared the same qualities as their canine companions. Last year, following the release of “ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN,” SOLDIER took to Instagram to personally explain the meaning behind the design: “My new works represent the idea of protection, loyalty, fear and safety, using dogs, some [of] which I’ve come across over the past few years.”

The collaborative capsule comprises hockey jerseys as well as a “Dog Head” T-shirt and “Sitting Dog” tee. SOLDIER’s “dog print” can be found woven into the jersey’s camouflage and hidden within the back print of each tee. The collection fuses the SOLDIER STUDIOS “Eagle” logo with Awake NY’s trademark branding, which can be seen at various points across the collection.

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In this NY-meets-London link-up, the spirit of both cities is captured through typically New York-style jerseys photographed in SOLDIER’s London studio and on the street, where bikes punctuate a brutalist backdrop. The artist’s own style often incorporates streetwear-style pieces, such as baggy pants and graphic tees, reflective of London’s international community of tastemakers and trendsetters. 

The SOLDIER x Awake NY collaboration makes perfect sense, with both parties inspired by the city and the latter offering an air of calm from within the chaos of the Big Apple. SOLDIER has previously examined how London impacts the psyche in his work, recently unveiling “The Iron Soldier,” a live performance piece which explored loneliness in the City of London and the implications of being trapped.

The SOLDIER x Awake NY collection will be available from December 15 via the Awake website and select stockists.  

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