Prada, Bottega Veneta, Gucci: the best bags of Milan Fashion Week SS24

Prada, Bottega Veneta, Gucci: the best bags of Milan Fashion Week SS24

by Eric Brain
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Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 is officially over, and what a whirlwind week it was. From Sabato De Sarno’s chic Gucci debut, SPORTMAX’s alien landing, and Simone Bellotti’s ability to take BALLY back to its former glory, to the show stopping showcases from Prada, Diesel, Bottega Veneta, and more, there was barely a minute to take in all the impeccable designs presented to the Milanese crowd. 

Every designer’s contribution these past few days actively showcased fashion-forwardness at the fore. Dresses exuded ethereal elegance. Denim embraced a daring low cut, often revealing the bum. Shoes maintained a clean, classic, and formal style. However, what truly stole the show at Milan Fashion Week SS24 were the bags.

Bags. Bags were everywhere.

Gucci owned the moment with sparkling crystal-adorned designs for all to adore. Bottega Veneta presented oversized bags like never before. At Prada, it drew inspiration from a near-100-year-old archive.

Before we make our way to Paris Fashion Week SS24, let’s take a moment to indulge in some of the best bags from Milan Fashion Week. In no particular order…

Prada Milano Dal 1930
Prada ©

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons delved into Miuccia’s grandfather’s archive, where they unearthed a bag designed by the original co-founder of Prada. Today, it exists as the Prada Milano Dal 1930, comprising a new series of bags ranging from small carryables to larger tote-sized offerings. They replaced the nearly century-old silk moiré with Prada’s now-signature re-nylon material, and some variations came in butter-soft Nappa leather. All styles featured a hand-crafted clasp adorned with a depiction of a mythical figure.

This bag complemented Simons’ infusion of horror into the collection, which has been celebrated as one of the design duo’s strongest collaborations to date. The Prada Milano Dal 1930 could become the season’s “it-bag,” adding an otherworldly touch to your “Haze” dress. It’d also pair well with the patchwork leather jacket, or a suited-and-pointy-toe-booted ensemble, courtesy of the legendary House.

Gucci Jackie by Sabato De Sarno
Gucci ©

This isn’t your typical Gucci Jackie – not at all. Sabato De Sarno’s inaugural collection for the House exuded a sense of chic refinement and classic style, and by maintaining his clear vision, he allowed the bags to steal the spotlight. Enter the crystal-covered Jackies.

Since Friday, she has been the talk of the MFW crowd. These Jackies came in multiple variations, ranging from brown leather adorned with a lattice web of crystals that covered the entire body of the bag to heavier versions in black or orange leather. This time, she was embellished with crystals that created a unique network of brooch-like appliqués.

Gucci also offered the Jackie in a green/red version crafted from genuine python leather, perfectly matching a cropped jacket and a pair of underwear made from the same material.

These Jackie bags also featured a new clasp. It ditches the Piston Lock in favour of a click-and-release mechanism that makes accessing the bag’s interior much easier. If these don’t capture your attention, what will?

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta ©

Note: we said Bottega Veneta, period. That’s because every single bag Matthieu Blazy presented on the runway was a masterpiece.

It’s too hard to choose one. But we’ll start with the Foulard basket-woven Intreccio leather numbers. Yes, the ones which were used to conceal a hidden message of Blazy self-referencing his previous collections. The capacious accessories were luxury exemplified – a sentiment carried over to enlarged Sardine bags, or ones crafted with artisanal ceramic or wooden handles. 

Elsewhere, we found baby blue briefcases blown up to big boss size, accessories that resembled collecting the morning newspaper, and gigantic bucket bags slung over the shoulder. 

Put simply, Bottega Veneta was a masterclass in leather manipulation. We just want to get in one of those bags immediately. 

Diesel’s Sandwich Clutch Bag
Diesel ©

The sandwich bag is a slice of nostalgia, and Glenn Martens has now Diesel-ified it. Presented in white leather, we coin the bag this because of its flap-over closure, signified by it rolling over on itself. 

How do you get into the bag? You unravel it by grabbing hold of that big D logo cut in metal. It (obviously) also came in blue denim, as did many other carrying essentials like a bag that sported pockets on the front derived from jeans, a biker-informed satchel, and more. 

Ferrari’s Car Clutch
@ferraristyle ©

That’s right, the Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari has a fashion House division. Coined Ferrari Style, the brand presented a collection dominated by racing influences – one of which was very literal, that being a car clutch. 

Served up in glittery silver, navy blue, or lacquer black, this little clutch sported a design based on a conceptual car sketch. Think floating waistlines, a vague front and rear end – it’s giving concept through and through.

Who knew these lines would make for such an ergonomic hand-held design? We don’t know what you’d put in it, but it sure is fun. Someone call Charli XCX, because there’s some Vroom Vroom vessels knocking about. 

BALLY’s Bag Brilliance 

Just like Bottega Veneta, BALLY presented an array of bags each too good to single out just one. These designs, crafted by their new Creative Director Simone Bellotti, showcased BALLY’s versatility. It spanned from luxurious brown leather holdalls fastened with gold clasps to plexi examples adorned with strawberry motifs.

The smaller leather goods even featured cowbells that chimed as they graced the runway. For something equally kitsch, pocket pouches attached to belts served as quaint holders for the world’s tiniest bouquets of flowers.

What consistently stood out was BALLY’s knack for maintaining a clean and straightforward aesthetic. For instance, satchel bags were adorned with elegant gold chains, resonating with the House’s school uniform-inspired ensembles. Meanwhile, vibrant red duffle bags injected a burst of colour into formal outfits. Collectively, BALLY proved itself as one of the standout brands for bags this season.

SPORTMAX’s Alien Heads

What are those?! SPORTMAX shocked many showgoers this Milan Fashion Week with its out of this world presentation. It combined a sprawling foliage-filled greenhouse with a clinical white floor and incandescent lighting, subsequently abducting us on its alien spaceship. 

What did we find when we were there? A range of shiny white and metallic silver alien head-shaped bags. Models held them by their… horn? and positioned them backwards. The shape gave the looks even more dynamism, and we couldn’t help but think how practical the bags really are.

But when has a good bag ever been that practical? We’ll take it (to Mars).

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