Someone call NASA, because SPORTMAX brought aliens to earth

Someone call NASA, because SPORTMAX brought aliens to earth

by Eric Brain
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SPORTMAX Spring/Summer 2024 is a masterclass in ethereal otherworldly fashion.

Grazia Malagoli‘s latest futuristic vision, which took place meters away from Sabato de Sarno’s Gucci debut, delivered the show with simply breathtaking effect. She set the blockbuster show against a greenhouse that homed tropical flowers, plants, and foliage, intending to bring to life something that doesn’t feel real. A clinical white tiled floor contrasted with the vivid nature behind, while incandescent lighting made showgoers feel as though aliens had abducted them and taken them to the new motherland.

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The collection

The collection itself only enhanced this effect. Malagoli’s designs included sculptural dresses that cocooned the neck in rectangular shields, presented in thick white materials or bright orange for a splash of colour that tied back to the set design. Elsewhere, it cut other dresses in shiny white satin and silk, giving them a warped and sculptural look.

Technical transparent knits crafted dresses fitted with tubular hems, adding to the space age feel. Similarly, padded body-con one-pieces created a dramatic sense of reduction — what wasn’t there was the impact itself, evoking an uncomfortable, eerie, emotionless sensibility that emphasised the alien-like drama.

This recurring theme truly worked for SPORTMAX. For example, a crystal-embellished fisherman cage knit dress raised questions like: “What has she seen, and where has she been?” Feathers that acted like blades of armor on another architectural dress made the model appear as if she were the boss of the operation.

Paired with florals growing out of technical components on cowl neck dresses, bags shaped like alien heads, and shoes that used modular pods as their high-rising platform, the SPORTMAX SS24 show was something simply out of this world.

Unidentified Fashion Objects? It couldn’t have been more aptly timed if it had tried. Take a look at SPORTMAX SS24 here, and find more Milan Fashion Week content on Culted, on Instagram, and on TikTok.

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