I’m telling you right now, Kanye West is not real

I’m telling you right now, Kanye West is not real

by Robyn Pullen
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In the latest conspiracy to come out of TikTok, Kanye West isn’t real. From rumours that he’s been cloned to fans that are certain he’s a God, Ye is everything but human according to the internet.

Ye has been off the grid ever since his controversial outbursts on Twitter caused him to be cancelled, banned, and ultimately ostracised. Other than being spotted barefoot with his new wife Bianca Censori in Europe, we’ve seen and heard little from the rapper despite the buzz of rumours about his adidas settlement and potential collaboration on Travis Scott’s Utopia. Until this week.

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On Monday, out of the dark Travis Scott welcomed someone onto the stage at his sold out concert in Rome. It was Ye… or was it? Despite Ye’s face being obscured by a sage green head scarf wrapped loosely around his head and remaining pretty silhouetted when he took it down, we can be sure that the guy rapping Praise God into the mic was definitely Kanye… right?

Apparently not, because some fans have taken to the comment section of our recent Instagram post to ask “Is that the real Kanye West?” and many were confidently arguing “no”. One user even claimed that Ye himself once said “if i disappear [and] come back it’s not me, so how can it be [a] conspiracy”. Rumours of Ye being a clone have existed since 2016 and are still going strong; however, we’re still not convinced there’s any truth to the statement.

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Ye isn’t even the first artist to have fans claim they’re not themselves anymore (we can all agree there’s something up with Avril Lavigne lol), but why does it seem to keep happening? It’s probably got something to do with our inability to comprehend how someone so famous, so idealised, and also human. We just can’t understand how Ye is just like the rest of us: a regular bloke with a h*ll of a lot of power.

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