Key takeaways from STAMM’s SS24 show

Key takeaways from STAMM’s SS24 show

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It’s day 2 of Copenhagen Fashion Week and if you weren’t plugged in yet, STAMM’s show definitely set you right. Last season, the Elisabet Stamm-founded brand gave us extra-terrestrial sustainable futuristic realness with its Star Wars-èsque beige puffers and Steven Spielberg’s E.T. printed tees. This season though, STAMM took a different approach that included a trip down memory lane with a collection titled “Don’t Stop, We’re Dreaming”.

It was a nostalgic daydream from the start

A few days before the show was put on, STAMM took to its Instagram to give us fragments of hints of what this collection would be all about. The designer shared personal childhood photos with various captions, such as one that states “My first friend was called Tina, she was adopted from Korea”, as well as an up close video of that photo printed onto a hoodie. Just with those little easter eggs left for us, we already knew this collection was going to be one of STAMM’s most personal yet.

And it followed in the clothes

The nostalgic theme of memories was present throughout the collection with an exploration of different styles that included a lot of oversized pieces, reminiscent of an ill-fitting child’s outfit. There were images, presumably taken from Elisabet’s personal photo albums, printed on tees, hoodies, jackets, bottoms and even socks. Even though this show had a surrounding air of nostalgia, it also pushed the boundaries on the state of fashion today, such as with a denim piece finished off with a see-through fabric on its back and decorated with chains and pendants.


Prepped for a Danish summer

You may be off, tanning on some sandy beaches and taking in the 30 and upward degree weather this summer but for the northern half of the hemisphere, this season hasn’t exactly resembled a tropical paradise. Instead, we’ve been granted a lack of sun and a sh*t ton of rain, but STAMM is here for it. Waterproof jackets on waterproof jackets were shown this season. Most of them took an oversized silhouette, in a way that would remind you of borrowing your dad’s 80s Shell jacket as a kid, some hitting the floor, while others dropped down to the models’ thighs.


You thought it was over with neon? Think again

Some would think neon clothing should only exist at a 2010s LMFAO-themes party, but with its appearance at the latest Dior show, the neon reign isn’t quite over yet. In fact, when done right, neon can actually be a pretty tasteful colour palette, just as STAMM showcased. The SS24 show mainly presented a specifically a green-tinted yellow hue on tees, trousers and accessories, but also showed us a layered orange neon tee and pair of shorts, contrasting the otherwise quiet-toned collection.


A Silvana Imam performance takeover

Halfway through the show, Swedish rapper Silvana Imam came out to perform, hyping the crowd up as she does. She wore a custom STAMM outfit consisting of a puffer jacket and baggy trousers with a scarf hanging on its side, all made out of collaged colours and images blending into one, as if to signify the fading of past memories to make space for new ones.


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