Copenhagen Fashion Week just started: here’s what to expect

Copenhagen Fashion Week just started: here’s what to expect

by Robyn Pullen
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Every year Copenhagen Fashion Week in August is like Christmas come early. It’s our fashion show fix, almost a month ahead of the rest of the major events in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, which features a range of brands all based in the Eastern European city but with a variety of different styles and aesthetics. So, here’s the brands and designers you need to keep an eye out for who will be showing this week.

Latimmier is constructing an aesthetic of deconstruction

In January, Finnish-American designer Ervin Latimer, founder of his eponymous brand, Latimmier, showed as part of the CPHFW New Talent program and blew us all away with an introspective collection that reimagined the suit. Deconstructed shirts and jackets were featured with belted catches and overlapping sections, detailed with bold, squiggly lines that created a sense of cohesion. It was an office party gone wild, and we’re excited to see more of it. Don’t miss the show at 17:00 CEST today.


Saks Potts adds a sprinkle of spice to timeless luxury

Founded by Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks, Saks Potts is a Copenhagen-based womenswear brand known for its playful aesthetic yet casual wearability. At Saks Potts’ Fall 2023 show we were treated to a timeless collection featuring elevated outwear, tailored dresses, and even matching mother-daughter looks, flavoured with a heat of red and a sour, lime green. It’s safe to say we’re looking forward to tasting more from the brand tonight at 19:00 CEST.

Saks Potts©

STAMM is bringing utopian sustainability with an edge

STAMM is back for its fourth seasonal collection and we’re already excited. Given how iconic the brand’s collection in January was, our standards are more than high for this season. Known for its otherworldly motifs, sustainable ethos, organic leather and suede fabrics, and excessive oversizing, STAMM arrived with something to prove and is already proving it. Get hyped for the brand’s newest collection, showing at 12:00 CEST tomorrow.


A splash of colour from Stine Goya

The eponymous label of Danish designer Stine Goya was launched in 2006 and has since developed a cult following of fans obsessed with her bold, vibrant aesthetic. Balancing hypnotising prints and kaleidoscopic hues with luxurious fabrics and timeless silhouettes, Stine Goya is an explosion of optimism contrasting nicely with the more utilitarian aesthetics of other brands showing at CPHFW. Catch her collection of gowns, matching sets, and accessories at 16:00 CEST on the 9th August.

Stine Goya©

Wood Wood’s for the ravers giving effortless chic

Founded by Brian SS Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen, Wood Wood had fully established itself as a brand to watch at CPHFW even before its Y2K inspired FW23 collection, titled “Heaven Out Here”, stole our attention at the start of this year. Each look exuded the quiet confidence of a naughties raver mixed with the quiet luxury of a well-groomed nepotism baby. From stylish outerwear to distressed jumpers and teddy-bear hats, Wood Wood is always giving effortless. Showing at 17:00 CEST on the 9th August. 

Wood Wood©

Can Rotate top glitter, sequins, glam, and Lisa Rinna

If you thought the glam was missing from CPHFW so far, ROTATE’s the brand for you to watch. Last season, ROTATE founded by Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars, was a glittering, feathered, flashing collection of night to night looks designed specifically for the people who wake up only to party. Giant sequins, mini bows, and leopard print covered dresses in a whole variety of silhouettes, as well as matching denim sets, jumpsuits, and more. Plus Lisa Rinna was there. There’s no topping that… right? Find out for yourself at 18:00 CEST on August 10th.


Closing the festivities is Ganni

Finally, closing CPHFW in the same fashion that they did in January, Ganni’s set to bring on the finale in a truly awe inspiring style. The brand’s FW23 collection was inspired by the motif of a butterfly and appropriately so as it showed a flourishing growth through elevated suiting, seductive skin-tight dresses, and an elevated colour palette. It was a clear effort from Ganni to show that it had become a more mature, elevated version of its former self, and we can’t wait to see more from the brand’s new aesthetic. Catch the closing show at  19:00 CEST on 10th August.


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