The greasy spoons serving your New Year’s Day hangover brunch

The greasy spoons serving your New Year’s Day hangover brunch

by Robyn Pullen
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It’s the first day of 2024 and if you welcomed in the new year the right way, you’re probably feeling a bit rough this morning. Whether it’s from the exhaustion of waiting up till midnight or a few too many shots, we know you’re desperate for a fry up so here’s the best ones in London, from greasy to luxurious.

Norman’s Cafe: the greasy spoon turned luxury caff

You probably remember Norman’s Cafe from its collaboration with Burberry earlier this year, but despite the luxury British brand moving out a few months ago the standard of food at Norman’s is still as good. Mary Berry can vouch for that much, considering she had a fry up at Norman’s Cafe only in September. 

Basic b*tches know The Breakfast Club is iconic

The Breakfast Club might be a pretty well-known chain but that doesn’t take away from its quality breakfasts. With British brunch classics on offer, as well as breakfast burritos and pancakes smothered in syrup, this breakfast-only venue is a hangover cure if we’ve ever seen one. Simply the smell of it will take that queasy sensation away.

The Apprentice Cafe isn’t just for sore losers

The iconic location where losers of the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ are sent to wallow after being yelled at by Lord Sugar is actually a real greasy spoon you can visit. Called the Bridge Cafe and based in Acton, this famous venue serves traditional caff food from fry ups to jacket potatoes, and honestly, the reviews online aren’t even bad. One visitor called their “proper greasy fry up” the “best I have ever had”.

For a star-studded breakfast, hit up The Regency

The Regency might be a pretty unassuming pub from the outside, but its reputation on Yelp precedes it. Having been voted London’s 5th best eating place in 2013; been used as the backdrop to multiple BBC shows; and been visited by the Tottenham Hotspur players whose photos line its walls, this Art Deco style caff is more iconic than it seems. Find it on Regency Street near Westminster.

The greasy spoon Drake is obsessed with

The iconic “For All The Dogs” cafe which opened in promotion of Drake’s new album a few months ago might have lost its Drizzy aesthetic, but it’s still remained an iconic caff even since the rapper rolled out. Originally featured in Top Boy, the Hackney-based cafe is actually called Number One cafe and attracts fans of the show and locals alike. 

Pellicci’s is as British as caff’s come

Family owned caffs are the backbone of British culture, and Pellicci Cafe in Bethnal Green is exactly that. Their breakfast is as quintessentially British as it comes, and so is its customer base, having once been the go-to cafe of famous brothers Ronald and Reggie Kray.

Hit up The Hope Rooms for a wholesome breakfast

The Hope Rooms is a traditional British caff that gives more than brunch back to its North London community. Based in Holloway Road, the cafe first opened in 1937, and what sets it apart from other “greasy spoons” is the fact that it has a heart-warming policy; customers who can’t afford breakfast here are welcome to a “Free Hot Meal”. As a result, the good vibes at Hope will undoubtedly cure your hangover.

Mountain Grill is still serving music culture from the streets

The Mountain Grill cafe, located on Portobello Road, is an iconic venue once at the heart of music culture. Only a few decades ago, this caff was a hub for discussion about counter-culture topics and hosted performances by some of the UK’s most talented musicians. Nowadays, it’s best known for its streetwear collaborations and delicious food.


Head to Café Leon Dore if you want to be seen

For those of you who kept it casual on New Year’s Eve and now want to be seen in a swanky venue the first day of 2024, Café Leon Dore in Soho is of course the only place to go. Whilst you won’t be served hangover cures (think overpriced lattes and croissants) there might arise an opportunity to network with your fellow influencers waiting inside. New year, new me isn’t just a motto; it’s a lifestyle.

We’re not leaving The Blue Posts in 2023

But for those of you walking more down the line of “new year, same old me” for 2024, The Blue Posts is a mistake you’re more than welcome to make again on the 1st of January. It’s a place you know will always have pints, chat chit, and good people, even months on from its iconic TikTok debut (IYKYK).


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