Are we over Boxing Day sales yet?

Are we over Boxing Day sales yet?

by Stella Hughes
2 min

It’s Boxing Day, which means three things: you’ve reached your limit of family time, it’s Turkey sandwiches for lunch, and the Boxing Day Sales are on. But from what we can see, what once used to see droves of crowds heading out to their nearest High Street, shopping centre or retail park for some end-of-the-year bargains has now turned into little more than a three-minute segment on the news.

Yes, it’s the Boxing Day sales, but do we even care? A lot of this is down to Black Friday – the American import-concept that has quickly claimed the top spot of the consumer-centric Holidays in the Western world. Coming just last month (the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States), many people have already got their bargain fill by the time Boxing Day sales roll around. 

What’s more, despite the mini-resurgence we’ve seen this year, shopping IRL just isn’t as big of a thing as it used to be. We can thank inflation, recessions, the internet and the pandemic for that one. Maybe though, when it comes down to it, it’s a wider shift in attitude.

Partly due to a decrease in promotions and partly due to our generation’s awareness of the detrimental effects of capitalism (both commercial giants’ political affiliations and their unsustainable production practices), Gen Z seems to be over prescribed sales, at least in theory.

Gen Z is both the most aware of the negative impacts of consumerism while simultaneously being the generation most exposed to it, with e-commerce being so easily accessible. Black Friday is a Holiday to be pushed back at, not partaken, according to the majority. So why should the Boxing Day Sales be any different?

We’re not saying don’t go out and grab yourselves a bargain today – it might be a couple hours of respite – but if you are heading to the sales, there are ways to partake that don’t cause detrimental effects to our environment. Shop from small, independent businesses, and don’t buy useless sh*t. Reduced Christmas cards for next year, anyone?

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