A girl-coded Holiday shopping guide

A girl-coded Holiday shopping guide

by Juliette Eleuterio
9 min

Everybody has a girlie in their life who lives a girl-coded life. Whether that’s your child, your bestie, or your partner, the girlies are everywhere, and girlies need their little Holiday treat. Girliecore isn’t just an aesthetic, it’s a lifestyle. 

The girliepops want to be dressed in Sandy Liang while enjoying their Dolly Alderton pickup in a cat café. But sometimes they also want to rot in bed wearing the same Heaven by Marc Jacobs tee for the fourth day in a row. It’s all about balance. So if you’re in the business of buying a girl-coded gift this Holiday season, keep scrolling sugarpops.

Sofia Coppola Archive Paperback Book – £55 / $69 (approx.)

There’s no one that represents girlie core quite like Sofia Coppola. She understands what a girl nightstand looks like or the struggles of being a thirteen-year-old (adult) girl. This Archive book retraces all the BTS content from Coppola’s greatest movies, including The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette. You better snatch this one before it sells out when Priscilla hits the theatres worldwide.

Buy here.

Sandy Liang Bommy Puffer – £768 (approx.) / $965

If she’s a high fashion girlie, she’ll love a bit of Sandy Liang. A pioneer in defining the girlie aesthetic, Sandy Liang’s brand has transformed the Downtown New York look, with her bow and ruffle obsession that feels so intrinsic to every girlie’s formative years. Wearing Sandy Liang is a form of reclamation, and we’re in a reclaiming mood this Holiday.

Buy here.

Nodress Pink Bow Lace High Socks – £39 / $39

Speaking of bows, these Nodress bows and lace-adorned thigh-high socks are going to become the ultimate outfit stepper-upper. They’re versatile, but most importantly, they’re stylish and girlie-approved. Give your girlie these tights to make her the happiest girlie in the world (no exaggeration here).

Buy here.

Comme des Garçons Girl Bow-Detailed Anglaise Shirt – £279 / $350 (approx.)

Listen, bows were a big trend this year so we could dish out bow-themed pieces for days, but we’ll wrap it up with this Comme des Garçons Girl shirt. Featuring a bow tie across the chest, this dress-up shirt is the perfect option for your corporate girlies who still want to tap into their hyper-feminine selves.

Buy here.

Maison Margiela Tabi Mary-Janes – £920 / $1,090

There isn’t a combo quite like a Maison Margiela Tabi and a Mary-Jane that will get your girlie bawling while opening her gift. And she’ll love you even more if you somehow manage to find a pair in her size and her favourite colour on the thirteenth page of eBay. If 2023 taught us anything, it’s not to be a Tabi swiper, but a Tabi provider.

Buy here.

Nadia Lee Cohen Women Fifth Edition Book – £65 / $81 (approx.)

Real girlies recognise real girlies, and Nadia Lee Cohen is a real girlie. In her debut photography book, Women, Cohen captures femininity in her signature subversive, LA-glam beauty with an air of ‘70s sexual freedom aesthetic, with special appearances by Cohen herself and Euphoria actress Alexa Demie.

Buy here.

Dr. Martens Jadon III Pisa Leather Platform Boots – £199 / $210

Realistically, the girlie in your life probably already has a pair of Dr. Martens, but there’s never any harm in updating the offering. These platform Jadons have the perfect blend of heritage and newness, with a platform to intimidate any 5’11” and under man. Bonus points if you the GANNI collab ones.

Buy here.

Sonny Angel Figurine – £9 (approx.) / $12 (approx.)

If the girlie in your life hasn’t started her Sonny Angel collection yet, the Holiday season is the perfect time to get it going. More infectious than any disease, the Sonny Angel revolution is real. They’re adorable, portable, and collectable. What more would you want?

Head to your local toy shop to buy.

Cecilie Bahnsen x ASICS GT-2160 Sneakers – £450 (approx.) / $550 (approx.)

The girlies don’t always partake in sneakerhead shenanigans, except when it comes to the Cecilie Bahnsen x ASICS collaboration. You’re going to have to dig the pages of reseller sites to find a pair, but it’s doable. And you’d do anything for your girl, right?

Buy here.

Heaven by Marc Jacobs Sequin Priorities Baby Tee – £105 / $131 (approx.)

Heaven by Marc Jacobs isn’t just Marc Jacobs-approved, it’s girlie-approved. From featuring Gabbriette in its campaign to having some iconic blast-from-the-pasts, Heaven knows what it’s doing, and so do you by buying a gift from them. This baby tee is so babygirl because yes, we girlies sometimes do have our priorities out of control.

Buy here.

Main image credit: @laravioletta

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