What time is it? Time you got a watch mate!

What time is it? Time you got a watch mate!

by Ollie Cox
7 min

Yeah, you’ve got the time on your phone (we’ve not heard that one before), but what happens when you’re busy, time checking on the sly when you’re bored sh*tless, or have your hands full? This is when you need a watch. 

Fix up your wrist game with a solid timepiece, none of this Apple watch, phone-on-your-wrist nonsense. We’re talking about a good old-fashioned clock. See our guide below. 

A Bathing Ape Type 1 Bapex – £459 / $581 (approx.)

The best bootleg Rolex you’re going to get. Designed by Nigo, this Bape-designed watch pairs a steel strap with a crisp blue dial, perfect for a sleek pop of colour. It’s a classic tongue-in-cheek piece of streetwear history that keeps you organised, too. What more could you ask for?

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Bamford Watches Mayfair Sport Royal Blue – £350 / $424 (approx.)

The Bamford Mayfair is a favourite of watch insiders thanks to its customisable strap options. With a 40mm stainless steel case, this diver-style watch is great for everyday wear. An asymmetrical shape gives people something to look out for without being too in your face. This one gets a yes from us.

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E-Shoptage Cartier Arc Shaped Watch, 1955 – £12,750 / $16,146 (approx.)

Watches don’t always have to be practical, and that’s the beauty of this Harry Fane customised Cartier. Harry Fane has been customising Cartier watches since the ‘70s, and for this one, we see a dainty Cartier held in place by a thin red leather strap. If you want a truly one-of-a-kind watch – look no further. 

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Casio G-Shock x HIDDEN.NY Jewellery case – £257 / $325 (approx.)

With a shock-resistant structure and 200-metre water resistance, this Casio limited edition release is made in collaboration with everyone’s favourite hidden moodboard, HIDDEN.NY, boasts signature green accents, a backlit display and an alarm clock. Due to its rarity, you’ll have to head to StockX to get this one. 

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Diesel 36mm Cliffhanger Watch – £149 / $181 (approx) 

With its sleek brown leather strap and silver case, the Diesel Cliffhanger watch is a timeless timepiece for any look. The cliffhanger is a reissued style from the Diesel archives, looking just as good today as it did in the ‘00s. If you want to be on time and on-trend, look no further. 

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Fredérérique Constant Brown and Rose Gold Classics Carée Automatic – £1,245 / $1,577 (approx.)

When it comes to watches, there are few better combinations than a brown strap and gold case. The Frédérique Constant pairs a croc-embossed calfskin strap in brown with a pin-buckle fastening. Along with the time, this watch also tells you the date. Classic and chic, this little time-teller will serve you well wear after wear. 

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Gucci 25H ultra-thin 34mm – £1,309 / $1,590 (approx.)

Gucci has been making watches since 1972, bringing its luxury design sensibility to the art of watchmaking. The Gucci 25H ultra-thin is lightweight and sleek, subtly elevating your look with each flick of the wrist.

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Briston Watches Montre Streamliner Urban 42mm – £398 / $504 (approx.) 

Square and silver, the Briston Watches Streamliner rides the line between statement and staple with the addition of a muted blue strap, which mirrors the watch face, secured with silver hardware. Visible pins provide stripped-back styling versatility, perfect for any look. 

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Versace V-Legend Skeleton Watch  £1,720 / £2,088 (approx.)

Boasting an automatic skeleton movement, visible through the dial and see-through case, the Versace V-Legend Skeleton blends a muted black strap complete with Medusa logo detailing with a gold dial and bezel for making a subtle statement. 

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