GANNI and Dr. Martens are celebrating 10 years of the Jadon Boot

GANNI and Dr. Martens are celebrating 10 years of the Jadon Boot

by Ollie Cox
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GANNI and Dr. Martens are joining forces to release a collaborative take on the cult classic Jadon Boot, updating it with the GANNI Butterfly logo and incorporating recycled polyester and leather-free materials into the style.

In keeping with classic Dr. Martens contrast stitch detailing, yellow accents finish the laces, providing a hearty hit of contrast. Campaign shots nod to the rebellious roots of the Dr. Martens brand, showcasing talent in a series of off-the-wall poses, which includes playing the cello upside down, scaling poles, and defying gravity, all while aligning with GANNI’s playful aesthetic. 

Darren McKoy, Creative Director of Dr. Martens, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “GANNI’s bold, progressive vibe aligns with our mood at Dr. Martens – and that’s what makes product design and partnership planning fun.” 

The two brands are not afraid to do things in their own way, both being unafraid to break the mould. The collaboration between GANNI and Dr. Martens represents a fluidity shared between the two brands. 

Ditte Reffstrup, GANNI’s Creative Director, acknowledges the long-standing roots of Dr. Martens, something that transports her back in time. “Dr. Marten’s takes me back to my teen years in the ‘90s, my forever favourite era. It’s such a legacy brand, and their boots have transcended generations. Becoming symbols of subculture, self-expression and individuality.” 

The GANNI x Dr. Martens collaboration lands on December 1 2024, on the GANNI and Dr. Martens websites and select global stores. 

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