Add some heat to your winter wardrobe with this week’s shopping guide

Add some heat to your winter wardrobe with this week’s shopping guide

by Robyn Pullen
11 min

Been looking for a cold weather winter shopping guide? Look no further. Staying warm and looking good is sometimes a hard combo to conquer; you can only layer so many pieces before you start looking like Joey from that one episode of Friends, and for some reason “fashionable” items don’t tend to be the warmest. From frostbitten Tabis to rain-soaked trenches, we’re suffering this winter – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Enter our winter shopping guide, a compilation of the most practical and stylish pieces for the dropping temperatures, from jumpers, scarves and gloves to balaclavas. Add a touch of heat to your winter wardrobe, and get fully prepped for the pending winter months.

CHENPENG Black Tufted Faux-Leather Down Jacket – £816 / $1030.29

The hardest part about finding the perfect winter coat is that so many available are either warm or look good – never both. That’s where CHENPENG’s tufted, faux-leather bomber-style jacket comes in, filled with 90% white goose down and 10% feather for toasty warmth and style. It’s the uncompromisable combo.

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Balenciaga Black Hood Scarf – £1390 / $1755.03

You’ve probably seen everyone tying scarves around their heads like hoods, but this Balenciaga black hood scarf is the blueprint. Covered in faux-fur and with comfortable pocks on the end to keep your hands in, no TikTok hack is better than this.

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Marine Serre Off-White Cable Knit Balaclava – £135 / $170.45

Sometimes you’re faced with the fact that “a hood just doesn’t go with this fit,” but still don’t want to end up with your neck, face, and ears freezing. Marine Serre’s cable knit balaclava is the perfect compromise. It’s 100% wool, with contrast stitching in red, and adds so much more to your outfit than a hood.

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Robyn Lynch Oversized Merino Hoodie – £780 / $984.84

Whilst warm outerwear is a necessity, layering underneath your jackets and coats is also a must when the weather’s this cold. That’s why the Robyn Lynch oversized merino hoodie, layered underneath a warm coat is your saviour in these frosty temperatures. With elasticated waist and hood bands to keep the warmth in, this forest green hoodie is made of 100% Merino wool, perfect for the coming months.

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Charlie Constantinou Brown Quilted Scarf – £231 / $291.66

Nothing’s more cosy than a massive scarf, and Charlie Constantinou really said “massive.” The brand’s brown scarf is made of insulated nylon for keeping the heat in and the cold out, with textured quilted detailing for an added element. Plus, it’s finished with cream sherpa fleet trim at the ends.

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Nike Tech Fleece – £109.95 / $130

A big puffer won’t be enough to keep you warm this winter, you’ve got to layer. The Nike Tech Fleece has become an icon of London culture, and it’s for a reason it’s so popular. The Tech Fleece’s secret lies within its versatility and its incline to comfort.

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Ænrmòus Black Deepi Hat – £118 / $148.99

Did you know that you actually lose the most heat from your head above any other part of your body? So, making sure that your head is covered is probably the best way to stay warm this winter. Luckily Ænrmòus’ black Deepi hat in nylon taffeta has a waffle knit trim on the inside and a zip at the front, just to keep warmth in.

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BONSAI Blue & Orange Fluffy Socks – £112 / $141.41

Chunky boots might be perfect for avoiding slipping over on the icy pavements, but they don’t tend to be very warm. That’s why we’d recommend a pair of BONSAI’s blue-to-orange gradient fluffy socks, calf high and great for making sure you last this winter with all of your toes.

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BONSAI Blue & Orange Gradient Gloves – £146 / $184.34

And of course, if you’re buying the socks you may as well invest in a pair of BONSAI’s fluffy knit gloves in the same colour way. Made from shag knit nylon, BONSAI’s gloves are as toasty as its socks, and definitely a cold weather essential because numb fingers are the worst type of pain.

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EGONLAB Black Padded Scarf – £153 / $193.18

The rain might’ve settled down a little, but, knowing this time of year, there’s no doubt we’ve got more on the way. Which is why a scarf that’s not made of cotton is an ideal investment, considering how quickly your winter accessories can go from toasty to soaked through when a sudden downpour hits. EGONLAB’s quilted nylon satin scarf is perfect for those rainier days.

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Vivienne Westwood Blue MacAndy Socks – £40 / $50.50

Enough of the mismatched socks! Cold weather socks don’t have to be ugly, embroidered with moustaches or in wildly different prints. Why wear that when you could be wearing a pair of Vivienne Westwood’s MacAndy socks in teal and burgundy check. 

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Heliot Emil Black Chisel Gloves – £135 / $170.45

For the people that hate the sensation of wool between their fingers, Heliot Emil’s mittens are the perfect alternative. They’re roomy, cosy, and add a touch of furry black flamboyance to any fit. Plus, what’s warmer than a pair of shag knit wool-blend mittens?

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VAQUERA Green Insulated Bomber Jacket – £870 / $1098.47

Fur trimmed, quilted satin, and a drawstring hood are all the key to keeping cosy this winter, and they also all happen to be features of VAQUERA’s green insulated bomber jacket. Complete with a ton of pockets so you can ditch the bulky bag, and a rib knit hem and cuffs, this jacket is practical whilst looking iconic. 

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Vivienne Westwood Red Orb Gloves – £176 / $222.22

A step up from your average wool knit glove, Vivienne Westwood’s red orb gloves are grained lambskin, with a gold-tone hardware completing the look. If your goal is serving luxury whilst keeping warm, these are for you.

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about-face Lip Fix Hydrating Primer – £10.30 / $13.00

If you’re the type of person to pick your lips to death every winter when the temperature changes, then this last one’s for you. about-face’s hydrating lip primer is perfect for keeping your lips pillowy-soft even in the below minus temperatures. Never forget lip care; it’s our ultimate piece of advice. 

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