Culted’s shopping guide to getting wet on purpose

Culted’s shopping guide to getting wet on purpose

by Robyn Pullen
9 min

So we’ve all come to terms with the fact that it’s not going to stop raining. But instead of being stereotypically British and complaining about it, we’ve decided to actually come up with a solution: fashion. What do you do when the majority of your wardrobe is soaking wet, waiting to be washed? Buy new, and more wet-weather suitable clothes in the meantime.

If you’re one of the people getting soaked on a daily basis, we’ve compiled a list of rainy day essentials that will make you actually want to brave the outdoors. Let’s get into Culted’s wet weather shopping guide.

YUME YUME Black Mushroom Hat – £385.00 / $470.98

No hood? No problem. Instead of carrying soaked umbrellas when your fit doesn’t allow for a hood, just put on a waterproof, wide brimmed hat like YUME YUME’s black vegan leather mushroom hat, and watch the rain roll right off you. Why should wet weather accessories have to be boring?

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WARDROBE.NYC Black Raincoat – £1000.00 / $1223.33

When people say “why fix it if it isn’t broken?” they’re talking about the classic raincoat. We know full-length raincoats might be giving Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, but they’re also undeniably the best way to keep dry. Complete with a hood and buttons all the way to the neck, WARDROBE.NYC’s black raincoat isn’t just fashionable, it’s essential.

Buy Here.

OFF-WHITE™ Rubber and jersey ankle boots – £370.00 / $452.63

A pair of practical, rainy-day boots is a must for the coming winter months, and OFF-WHITE™’s black ankle boots actually do what they say on the tin. With the brand’s iconic white font on the side of the boot reading “FOR RAINY DAYS,” there’s no wondering whether these boots are wet-weather-ready. You already know they’re made for it.

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Moncler Insolux M patent-leather snow boots – £525.00 / $642.25

Snow boots may not be a go-to for dressing on rainy days but at some point the temperature will drop below freezing and all those puddles will become lethal. That’s where Moncler’s patent-leather snow boots come in, as they’re perfect for traversing the slippery tarmac due to their chunky, rubber soles. We wouldn’t want you to eat pavement this winter.

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RAINS Blue Waterproof Jacket – £115.00 / $140.68

If there’s one brand that knows about wet weather, it’s RAINS (… get it?). Given that the brand’s named after the thing its waterproof jacket is designed to protect you against, you can trust that RAINS’ lightweight, shiny blue jacket will keep you dry. 

Buy Here.

Lancome Hypnôse Drama waterproof mascara – £29.00 / $35.48

If you wear mascara, then you know how easy it is to turn into a horror movie victim when one drip of water hits your eye. Black tears running down your face is not the moment, which is why we’re recommending Lancome’s waterproof mascara. Gisele Bündchen for Alexander McQueen in 1998 was iconic, but there’s no need to recreate the look on your commute to work.

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The North Face Gray GTX Mountain Jacket – £400.00 / $489.33

Whilst some rain jackets are all about the fashion and less about actually keeping you dry, one brand that knows how to prep for the elements is The North Face. Its Gray GTX Mountain Jacket isn’t only waterproof, but it’s also breathable and windproof with toggles and two-way zip closure to keep the warm in and the wet out.

Buy Here.

Suicoke Black PEPPER-mod-ev Loafers – £385.00 / $489.33

UGGs might seem like the perfect autumnal shoe, but after you’ve developed frostbite from walking around with soaking wet toes they stop being such a vibe. Instead, opt for Suicoke’s waterproof loafers, complete with a drawstring at the heel and jersey lining to keep your feet nice and toasty.

Buy Here.

Ralph Lauren Leather Umbrella Stand – £665.00 / $813.52

When getting home at the end of the day, out of the rain and onto a cosy sofa, most of us chuck our sopping wet umbrellas onto the floor somewhere, creating a puddle of rainwater for “future you” to deal with. So, instead of leaving your landlord with a water damaged floor, use Ralph Lauren’s leather umbrella stand and create less problems for “future you” to clean up.

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A. A. Spectrum 光谱 Gray Stormers Cargo Pants – £430.00 / $526.03

Everyone has a waterproof jacket or a waterproof hat, but when getting dressed on a rainy day most of us tend to forget the bottom half of our fit can always be waterproof too. Introducing A. A. Spectrum 光谱’s grey cargo pants, which aren’t only wet-weather-ready, but are also covered in essential pockets for keeping your phone dry too.

Buy Here.

Burberry Vintage Check umbrella – £320.00 / $391.47

To be honest, you can layer waterproofs all you like, but everyone knows the best way to keep the rain off is an umbrella. Burberry’s vintage check umbrella isn’t just perfect for even torrential rain, but it’s also a serve in its own right.

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