Culted community talks: Drew Starkey stole Milan Fashion Week (and our hearts)

Culted community talks: Drew Starkey stole Milan Fashion Week (and our hearts)

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

Prada is always one of the most anticipated shows of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, and Fall/Winter 2024 was no exception. From the location to the collection to the show space, it’s one of the most-watched fashion shows in January every year… but this time, we were tuning in for another reason too: the guests, and more specifically, Drew Starker.

Last week, we posted a ton of clips of Prada’s guests arriving ahead of its FW24 collection’s debut, and TikTok went crazy for one in particular: obviously it was featuring the Outer Banks actor Drew Starkey. Gaining 800,000 likes and almost 8000 comments in a few days, the thirst levels in the comment section of this TikTok were off the scale. Here’s what you had to say about it.

If the screams that welcome stars arriving at Prada’s shows isn’t enough evidence that we come for the fashion and stay for the celebs, then the internet’s reaction to Drew Starkey, the Outerbanks and Love, Simon star’s arrival Prada Men’s FW24 should prove it. As spectacular Prada’s show and collection were, no one in the comment section of our clip of him saying “hello Culted” was talking about Prada.

From users simply commenting the facts, like “He’s so beautiful” or “he’s actually majestic”, to others that had slightly more visceral reactions, commenting things like “SCREAMINGGGGGGGG”, there seemed to only be two reactions to the video we posted of Drew. Either you melted into a puddle or transformed into a feral version of yourself. Both are justified. 

Other users readily admitted that they contributed a few more than one view to our TikTok video’s 3.6 million views in total, and honestly, it’s understandable. Commenting things like “why is this 20h long” and “How many times have u watched this video? Me: 🤠”, we’re growing concerned that it might be time for some of us to touch grass… Addiction can come in many forms, and rewatching Drew Starkey saying “hi Culted” a thousand times is one of them.

Another comment simply read “girl dinner” and we’d have to agree. Why eat the rich when you can eat Drew Starkey? In conclusion, all this article is trying to say is that – to whoever it was that commented “GIVE US MORE DREW CONTENT” – your prayers have been answered. You’ve been seen, heard, and we’re working on it. Anyway… sign our petition to make Drew Starkey a full time Culted rep.

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