Quiet luxury reigned at AMI Fall/Winter 2024

Quiet luxury reigned at AMI Fall/Winter 2024

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Closing off day three of Men’s Paris Fashion Week, the Alexandre Mattiussi-founded brand, AMI PARIS, continued the dialogue after Succession ended, offering up timeless classics to add to your quiet luxury wardrobe.

You might be tired of hearing about quiet luxury, but the trend isn’t going away anytime soon, partially because it isn’t a trend. Adopting a quiet luxury look is more of a mindset than just a simple outfit, embracing the timelessness of a garment and rejecting the trend cycle altogether. In a bustling week like this one, where every show tries to stand out among the crowd, AMI’s FW24 offering felt like a rebellious stance, done with great taste.

The collection started off with a women’s brown suit with three-quarter loose-flowing trousers, with enlarged golden buttons found on the front of the jacket and on its sleeves. Brown continued to inform the following looks, which includes two-piece suits and trenches, drifting between menswear and womenswear, blurring a line between the two.

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In fact, many of the looks seem to have been adapting for both, but not as a carbon copy changed where the model’s natural form would have it required, but rather showing how a certain item can easily flow between menswear and womenswear. For example, this cream and white faux-fur was seen on the bodice of a menswear sweater and it was seen forming the sleeves of a womenswear beige trench coat, quite literally demonstrating the versatility of one piece.

The collection mainly consisted of neutral tones, drifting between tonal greys to sandy and rosy beiges to deep, dark navy blues and blacks. An emphasis on simplicity – a word fashion has, unfortunately, tainted – shines a light on craftsmanship before anything else. In this case, Mattiussi has purposefully kept his collection simple-looking, with clean cuts and a lock of motifs, highlighting the excellent savoir faire of his brand.

Ultimately, AMI PARIS is here to continue the quiet luxury phenomenon and we’re so here for it.

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