Tucked-in scarves and a whole lot of bling: key pieces from AMIRI’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection

Tucked-in scarves and a whole lot of bling: key pieces from AMIRI’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection

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On day three of Men’s Paris Fashion Week, AMIRI showcased its menswear Fall/Winter 2024 collection as an exploration of modern menswear. Suits were cut loose and layered while jewels adorned most looks to add some shine to the snowy French city. The brand‘s Creative Director Mike Amiri continues to define his nostalgic-infused aesthetic, by merging rockstar-inspired silhouettes with clothing rooted in streetwear. Let’s take a look at some of the key looks from the latest AMIRI season.

Jewels, jewels, and more jewels

Just about every look was adorned with some sort of jewel. Diamanté for days, AMIRI gave us small and large pendant-style jewels on a series of beanies, put together in a collage style. We saw more jewelled detail as models stepped out onto the runway, including sparkling and pearl-decorated brooches of all shapes and sizes. Our personal favourite detail was tucked away in the suits’ breast pocket, as strings of shiny jewels took the place of a pocket square.

In 2024 we’re tucking our scarves in

Scarves are a must in these cold seasons, but at AMIRI the scarf stays tucked in. While the collection’s looks were, for the most part, layered with multiple garments, scarves were seen tucking out from under jackets, and weren’t peaking a bit around the collar, placed under the different layers. We saw scarves in a leopard print, striped, and colour-blocked, all embroidered with branding.

The cardigans for a grandpa chic winter

Pinterest’s 2024 trend predictions are already manifesting themselves on the Men’s Fashion Week runway. Over at AMIRI, the predicted grandpa chic look comes in the form of button-up cardigans. There was a leopard print-decorated cardigan that looks like it came straight out of your grandpa’s archives from the 70s, while a baby pink jewelled-adorned cardigan is the type to be reserved by Harry Styles’ stylist.

All that glitters is not gold

AMIRI went in on the sparkle this season, and it wasn’t just jewels that reflected its shine into our eyes. As soon as the first look stepped out – a suit and beanie with sequins threaded throughout – the blinding bling bling lit up the room, and continued to do so throughout the show.

The new suit

Who said suits had to be traditional? AMIRI presented more than one option for suit-wearers to dress it down while keeping it elevated, but paired loose-cut suit jackets with slightly flared trousers, button up shirts that completely abandoned the idea of using those buttons, and most importantly, it was all presented in an array of colour. Come next red carpet season, we’re expecting all our suit wearers to step it up with an AMIRI suit.

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