How Prada reinvented the office for Fall/Winter 2024

How Prada reinvented the office for Fall/Winter 2024

by Ollie Cox
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For its Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear show, Prada tapped into the psyche of power dressing, inviting show guests into a very special kind of office. In the Fondazione Prada, on the outskirts of Milan, the grandeur of the space was filled with the monotony of everyday life, which we then saw explored in the show. 

Upon arrival, showgoers arrived at a reception, finished with the colour-drained greys associated with the artificial confines of corporate life. Brief pops of colour could be found in the blue panelling surrounding the space, again looking like an initiative to eschew positivity into the Friday deadline push. 

This colour usage was extended into desk cubicles, which could be seen dotted around, nodding to the colour-blocked isolation of office activity. This was until guests took their seats, which were elevated from the floor on a transparent platform, and served as an on-the-ground viewing platform for the unbound nature beneath. 

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Not only did the earth tones provide a welcome hit of contrast, but they also tapped into the longing for nature that can be found in human-made spaces. Seating followed the natural flow of a riverbed, deviating from the angular straight-line structure we associate with fashion shows, instead championing nature’s imperfect beauty. 

Ahead of the occasion, Prada teased the concept behind the space through social media clips depicting workspace cubicles with monitors playing the same footage of flowing water, lapping against obstacles as it ebbed and flowed over rocks. 

The collection merged together corporate and casual dress codes that reflected the coming together of these items. Highlights included boxy tailoring, belt-detailed bags, and colourful beanie hats that conformed to work dress codes, with a subtle deviation, aided through colour and accesorisation.

For its Fall/Winter 2024 menswear show, Prada brought nature to the nine-to-five. It explored contrast through a collection rooted in corporate style codes, where bold colours and muted earth tones collided for the occasion. Find the full runway review here

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