Dominatrixes will love Courrèges FW24, here’s why

Dominatrixes will love Courrèges FW24, here’s why

by Robyn Pullen
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For Fall/Winter 2024, French brand Courrèges (yes, the same brand that’s known for setting off the mini skirt and go-go boots craze of the 1960s) decided that the new muse for its short hemlines and PVC footwear this season is… the dominatrix. With German designer, Yolanda Zobel at its helm, here’s how Courrèges made the dominatrix dress-code fashionable for FW24.

Latex hoods hung low
Courrèges ©

Tight latex hoods in monochromatic black, white, and cream hues were seen throughout Courrèges FW24 show, worn beneath jackets and attached to tops and dresses, revealing only the model’s neck and face. Given the texture and style of the latex hoods, there’s an obvious similarity between them and the full-body rubber-latex suits often worn by dominatrixes. The connotation is clear, but in case you’re not sure what we’re referencing, be prepared when you look it up.

Boots designed to cut
Courrèges ©

Sleek, heeled boots were so tight to models’ skin at Courrèges they almost appeared to have been pasted on. With knife-sharp heels and pointed toes, the boots, which came in shiny leather and PVC as well as matte suede styles, were undoubtedly serving dominatrix. We can’t think of a better style of footwear to step on someone in.

Sexually suggestive poses
Courrèges ©

Even the poses models walked in at Courrèges’ FW24 show were explicit. Every single model on the brand’s runway had their left hand placed in a pocket at their waist (or the hem of their bottoms), directly above their crotch. But even more surprisingly, garments were seemingly designed specifically for this purpose with the left sleeves of jackets featuring zips to let model’s arms move freely and shirts adorned with armpit holes for their hands to fit through. It’s clear that the sexually suggestive nature of the pose wasn’t just a decision made for the show, but was actually part of the design process.

Underwear became outwear
Courrèges ©

In some looks at Courrèges FW24, underwear was only revealed when glanced from certain angles; however, other looks made it the focus. Bras peaked out from behind unbuttoned jackets and under the dropped shoulders of dresses. A brown dress seen twice in almost identical renditions appeared first with its right shoulder strap just slightly slipping, before we saw it a second time but with the strap so low the bra’s right cup was fully on display. 

Leather on leather
Courrèges ©

Leather was piled onto Courrèges FW24 runway, appearing in the form of split-hem dresses, trouser suit sets, and almost every accessory seen this season. In many looks, leather jackets and bags were hung loosely over models’ shoulders, contrasting with the soft suede, floating silk, and sheer mesh details of other pieces. Like interchanging sensations of hot and cold, the combination of materials blended femme and masc, dom and sub seamlessly.

Featured image via Courrèges ©

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