Coachtopia is taking us down The Road to Circularity

Coachtopia is taking us down The Road to Circularity

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

Coachtopia, Coach’s youthful and sustainable sub-label, is taking a step towards fashion’s circular future in 2024, with the release of a new docuseries to kick it off. Following Coachtopia’s efforts to create luxury accessories that are wholly sustainable, The Road to Circularity invites you behind-the-scenes of Coachtopia with host Aditi Mayer, offering insights into the global fashion industry and how it operates.


Exploring both the challenges and possibilities of circular fashion, The Road to Circularity sees Mayer, a sustainable fashion advocate and Coachtopia member herself, venture into a family-run leather manufacturing company in India that’s been working with Coach since 1987. Addressing how Coach approaches combatting fabric waste, from careful sorting of waste in its “leather scrap yard” to product prototyping, material design, production and more, the first episode reveals both problems and solutions for the future of fashion.

The personal stories of Coach’s community of designers, craftspeople, and producers tackling its challenges as a brand with passion and drive, are combined with more technical insight into the innovative techniques behind Coachtopia’s Upcrushed™ Upcrafted Leather. Using heat and pressure, the brand transforms scraps of leather waste leftover from Coach production into the luxury accessories available at Coachtopia. 


As Aditi Mayer learns by touring the place where Coach’s leather is manufactured, perfection is an idea that needs to be revisited in our current cultural mindset. What’s perceived to be “waste”, unusable, defect material is perfectly capable of being transformed into a brand new product. Mayer explains herself, “It makes me realise that circularity is not just about changing the way we make, but changing the way we think.”

Check out Episode 1 of Coachtopia’s The Road to Circularity docuseries, titled “Making with Waste”, available to watch here. Also, keep an eye out as the series continues, because The Road to Circularity will continue exploring more stories like these, pushing towards a better understanding of fashion’s sustainable future

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