Coachtopia reminds us to waste less this holiday season

Coachtopia reminds us to waste less this holiday season

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Coach’s youthful and sustainably-focused sublabel Coachtopia uses its Holiday 2023 campaign to remind us to waste less this festive season.

Everybody knows and loves the holiday season for its corny Santa-style decorations and excessive use of wrapping paper concealing goodies under the tree, but the wasteful impact of these traditions are rarely spoken about. Coachtopia takes this issue head on with its new “A Wasty Holiday” campaign.

The campaign shot by photographer Osma Harvilahti and directed by Jason Yan Francis tells a Coachtopia tale where American actress and Coachtopia community member Lola Tung meets Wasty, a creature made of waste. After noticing the amount of rubbish that was piling up in her bin, Tung joins forces with Wasty to give this waste a second life.

Coachtopia was built on the principle of creating while causing minimal waste, made notably effective with its Made Circular™ initiative. The need for circularity is “especially important during the holidays, a time of year that’s full of cheer and celebration but also overproduction and overconsumption,” explains Joon Silverstein, the Head of Coachtopia.

She goes on to say “With this campaign, we’re both reflecting these concerns and offering a hopeful way forward, in an emotional tale that invites our audience to join our Coachtopian community of people working together to build a better future for fashion.”

Coachtopia has created a story around a very real issue, and has the stats to back it up. According to research led by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, between 25% and 43% more waste is created during the month of December, with over $8 billion spent on unwanted gifts. The Coach sublabel doesn’t want to take any jolly away from you, but rather turn your perspective towards a more eco-friendly way of approaching this season’s festivities.

This is why Coachtopia is offering a range of products created with upcrafted, recycled and recyclable materials, giving waste the chance to be more than just that. Checked and striped bags in the signature Ergo style, and ready-to-wear pieces are composed of leftovers from Coach’s previous collections, paving the way for an innovative production norm that doesn’t compromise style.

Each piece will be made available on Coach’s website just in time to send your wishlist to the North Pole.

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