Casablanca FW24: If Greek gods wore trackies and listened to Björk

Casablanca FW24: If Greek gods wore trackies and listened to Björk

by Ollie Cox
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For Fall/Winter 2024, Casablanca steered clear of live animals and tone-deaf, war-“inspired” campaigns, instead looking to the beauty of ancient Greece for its elevated merging of tailoring and athleisure. 

According to the show notes, this look back to the past “maintains an ongoing spirit of discovery,” and for FW24, the brand strived to find “an interplay between the past and the present.” Before models took to the runway, we were treated to a hand-heavy dance performance choreographed by Sadeck Berrabah, adding a trance-like allure to what we saw on the runway. 

Björk Björk Björk

Casablanca’s FW24 collection was titled “Venus as a Boy,” sharing the name of Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk’s 1993 banger. The track itself was made using an ensemble of instruments from around the world, including tablas, which stem from North India, a composition which felt fitting for Casablanca’s global theme. “Venus as a Boy” is a significant metaphor for the collection, combining global musical influences with pure curiosity and desire for beauty, with Björk being a huge source of influence for Creative Director Charaf Tajer

Björk has worn her fair share of iconic outfits, going all out for the red carpet, larging it on the layers, and making sure her looks packed a punch. And, while musically, her work inspired Casablanca’s latest offering, visually, the reference felt less obvious. This Casablanca collection comprised easy-on-the-eye colour palettes of greens, reds and whites, which merged across tailored and sportswear-inspired pieces, standing out from the pared-back show setting. 

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Silver everywhere 

Casablanca’s FW24 collection saw silver applied to dresses and semi-sheer tops, which were cocooned by white woollen overcoats, and intergalactic puffer jackets saw the statement shade grounded with a sportswear trim. We also saw the statement hue applied to puffer-style carry-alls and dainty handbag styles, which ranged in size from dainty minis to medium, standing-on-business sizes. 

This season’s menswear offering saw tailored suits and blazers finished with ancient Greek-inspired draping, as well as black satin wrap tuxedos and an embroidered evening suit. Womenswear pieces also included wrapped and double-breasted suiting styles crafted from premium crepe jerseys, cementing Casablanca’s expanding ready-to-wear offering. 

An Alex Consani Moment 

Alex Consani isn’t just hilarious, she’s mega at modelling too. At Casablanca, she kicked things off in a sleek, high-necked white slit dress with silver “C” detailing to the left of the hip. Its sleeves were extended, partially covering the palms, replicating the cuffs of a button-up shirt. It was accented with chunky gold bracelets and served as a stellar start to the show. 

Athleisure from the Acropolis

As is to be expected from Casablanca, alongside more tailored options, we were given a hearty hit of sportswear, including tennis-inspired trackies with the brand’s signature red and green piping. Later we saw the same colourway applied to cycling tops which were finished with a hood, occasionally protruding from the lapels of tailored jackets, further merging the themes of past and present. 

The collection also saw crystal embroidered leather jackets made in collaboration with Jeff Hamilton, and a link-up with iconic sandal brand Ancient Greek Sandals, reimagining its beloved footwear for a number of looks. 

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