Burberry’s Winter 2023 campaign is making us wish summer was over

Burberry’s Winter 2023 campaign is making us wish summer was over

by Robyn Pullen
2 min

Burberry said f*** this heatwave, Winter 2023 is here. Shot in the British Isles and inspired by the flora-filled landscape you’ll find there, Burberry’s Winter 2023 campaign captures the aesthetic of the British countryside.


As a fashion house recognised for its roots in British culture, Burberry’s Winter 2023 collection is no exception, featuring iconic classic British motifs including gorgeous fur scarves and muffs, trench-coats, and tartan kilts. 

The collection itself is showcased through a variety of portraits, taken against the wild but beautiful backdrops of the Isle of Skye, Scotland and the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Island. It’s these locations that inspired the durable, comfortable, and outdoor-ready aspects of the collection, from trench-coats to rubber boots.


As is to be expected of Burberry, the brand’s recognisable checked-print appears on many a look, in sky-blue, electric-purple, and warm red renditions. Each look is layered to the max, providing a sense of ultimate warmth against the cool winds of the Scottish and Northern Irish countrysides.

Plus, Burberry’s iconic Equestrian Knight Design makes its return in the Winter 2023 collection, this time in a bold “Knight blue” seen a vivid graphic tee layered beneath a similarly eye-catching collared-jacket. 


Accessories-wise, the Knight Bag is introduced: a classic, black, leather bag with silver hardware and a black, fur muff attached at the strap is seen accessorising a layered, chequered fit complete with tartan kilt-style skirt. Likewise, footwear is cold weather ready, seen in fur trimmed boots adorned with a Burberry tag, in black and burgundy. 

Not to wish away the rest of the summer, but can it be winter already? We’re in desperate need of a reason to buy some of these Burberry Winter 2023 fits.

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