The latest Oakley x Footpatrol collab is rainforest ready

The latest Oakley x Footpatrol collab is rainforest ready

by Robyn Pullen
2 min

Oakley and Footpatrol have teamed up once again for a collab that pulls on the aesthetics of the actual inhabitants of the great, wide outdoors you’ll be venturing into this summer. Inspired by the texture, colour, and microscopic intricacies of the Minotaur beetle, the collaboration features eyewear designs straight out of a sci-fi movie – or at least a David Attenborough-narrated wildlife doc.

Oakley / Footpatrol©

The release itself is a sleek, black, ridged pair of sunglasses with a green-blue tinted lens, clearly evocative of the eye-catching beetle it references. The frame itself is opaque black to reflect the Minotaur beetle’s hard shell exterior, and is decorated with laser detailing etched around the perimeter of the lens, which is meant to copy the style of the beetle’s horns.

Oakley / Footpatrol©

Maybe it’s ironic to design what some people would call the most overlooked accessory – eyewear – in the style of perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the animal kingdom – bugs – but we love it. Who would’ve known that we can take so much style inspiration from the Minotaur beetle? All along this tiny, little bug’s been giving gorp-core and we didn’t even know it.

Oakley / Footpatrol©

Drawing inspiration from the ecosystem around us and creatures that inhabit it, Oakley x Footpatrol set out to convey the strength, value, and plain coolness of the animals we tend to overlook the most: bugs. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit they look edgy af as a pair of sunglasses. 

The collab is available today exclusively in Footpatrol stores and online.

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