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A1 Denim is the London streetwear label you need to know

A1 Denim is the London streetwear label you need to know

by Eric Brain
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Helmed by Milan Rodriguez and Che Shariff, A1 Denim is no longer the new kid on the London streetwear block. Instead, it’s about time you take it as seriously as Supreme, Palace, and Corteiz, as A1 Denim delivers a new drop that solidifies itself as a leader of the current cultural zeitgeist.

A1 Denim stands out with a nuanced understanding of the past. Jeans — it’s bread and butter — are baggy and ’90s in their influence. Tank tops are Calvin Klein reborn. Graphics are drawn from the ’90s and aughts, once again tapping into everything we’re all obsessed with right now, à la Diesel, Avirex, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Now, the London imprint is bringing out its most comprehensive drop to date that fits well into the aesthetic identity of those aforementioned brands. You can take A1 Denim’s aptly-coined “AUBERJEANS” (in case you didn’t get that, it’s a pair of aubergine-hued jeans…), pair it with an archival JPG top, and throw on an Avirex jacket, and that’s the fit sorted.

However, those looking for a full A1 Denim look can opt for the brand’s newest Indigo Double Knee worker jeans, a collegiate-logo Inside Out sweater, the Chrome Tee logo T-shirt, the “AUBERBEANIE” (an A1-branded beanie in aubergine tones on a black base), or the Camo Trucker hat.

The drop will come exclusively to A1 Denim’s webstore on November 5 at 7 p.m. GMT. Take a look at the collection above, and find more on A1 Denim’s Instagram account.

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