Channel your inner Guy Fieri with Oakley Factory Team x Brain Dead’s next drop 

Channel your inner Guy Fieri with Oakley Factory Team x Brain Dead’s next drop 

by Ollie Cox
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Oakley Factory Team – the Brain Dead-headed creative project behind the ‘90s and ‘00s utilitarian streetwear revival of your dreams – is back with some belter eyewear and footwear. 

The FW23 collection sees the Paguro mules revamped in a winter-ready “Black/Ink” and “Blackberry Evening” colourway, releasing alongside new eyewear styles. The Paguro slides are built from a unique structure that uses two different densities of injected Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which offers lasting comfort and structure. 

The updated eyewear offering gives the Eye Jacket and Sub Zero an orange-tinted polarised lens makeover, perfect for everything from your Finsbury Park 5k to your Friday Night antics. These streamlined shades perfectly tap into our current yearning for nostalgia, with the arm of the eye jacket channelling some “cool kid at the school disco” vibes with its flame-printed arms, which nods to the playful DNA of the Brain Dead brand. 

In a campaign announcing the shoes, we see protagonists showcase the slides in POV shots from an elevated position. Talent is also seen wearing the shades at night against a faded city light backdrop, donning Oakley Factory team clothing. 

Oakley Factory Team fuses the tech-focused designs of Oakley with the graphic-led subculturally-informed output of Brain Dead, which merge perfectly in its latest eyewear campaign. The Oakley Eye Jacket was initially designed for sports thanks to its fully shielded designs. However, it quickly gained a counter-cultural appeal, adopted by ravers and fashionistas, who favoured the shades because of their visually distinct design aesthetics. 

Recently, vintage styles, such as the iconic OVERTHETOP style, which sprinter Ato Boldon first debuted at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, have caused a storm on social media, with the “Oakleyoverthetop” hashtag receiving 569.9k views on TikTok. 

The Oakley Factory team Paguro slides Eye Jacket, and Sub Zero sunglasses will be available on November 7 on the Brain Dead and Oakley websites and select stockists. 

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