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by Becca Ahern
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blogger, tik tok, fashion, designer
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TikTok, whether you love it or hate it, is an innovative hub of New Gen content. Need unusual yet mouth-watering food inspo? They’ve got you covered. Want to film a dance rendition to ‘Blinding Lights’ in perfect unison? Maybe not. But TikTok’s fashion community is really flying the flag for fresh and inspiring video content, think ‘Best Designer Thrift Store Buys’ or you must have seen a ‘How To Bring Your IG A-Game’ video. That being said, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of hashtags and trending videos, so we pulled together a list of our 11 favourite fashion TikTokers for inspiration. From 90s aesthetics and streetwear fit ideas to the best thrifting strategies, check them all out below. 

PS: The videos may take a while to load up, but trust us, they are worth it.


Atikhun Kanjanakaset is a self-professed luxury-fashion and anime lover. The LA-based influencer is well-known for his ‘Character-Inspired’ and ‘Styling Different Aesthetics’ videos. Since joining the platform in 2019, Atikhun has gained a following of 900K+ with his mix of high-fashion and streetwear fits. Find him in oversized and baggy apparel, reviewing fashion brands and shows.


Caroline Hu’s content is centred around trending fashion TikTok videos. She offers ‘Instagram Pose’ ideas and inspo for seasonal outfits. Having originally started on Instagram, Hu brings a whole lot of influencer and blogger knowledge to TikTok. Her content fuses luxury fashion with 90s streetwear perfectly, of course – all in an entertaining way.


Meet the 20 year old artist, who is “making shoes great again”. Cam Pickstock paints contemporary masterpieces onto sneakers, phone cases and just about anything you ask him to. Using a variety of inspirations from animation and gaming, to sports teams and music legends. He is interested in creating for the music and sports industry, having already designed sneakers for grime artist, Fredo. The main attraction of Pickstock’s work is that everything and anything is customisable. The artist takes requests through his website or DM’s, where he works closely with his customers to create a @cam.createz original.


Dubbed the “best dressed guy on TikTok” by Vogue, Wisdom Kaye’s page is an eclectic mix of styles spanning many decades. Posting to his 5.2M followers, the 20 year-old focuses on ‘How-To Style’ videos, from everyday tracksuits to Darth Vader-esque headwear. Using humorous voice-over commentary, he offers styling advice whilst also addressing certain political and social issues. Having only started his TikTok career in January 2020, the creative draws inspiration from his two favourite designers, Hedi Slimane and Rick Owens.

@wisdm8Reply to @snowbunny_ say less♬ Thraxx – Steve Vercetti ??‍?


Ranen’s account focuses on getting designer drip for less. Finding most of his purchases in thrift stores, he shows viewers how to shop smart at vintage and designer markets. His account centres around styling items such as oversized tees, Olympic pullovers, motocross jackets and sneakers. The success from TikTok has allowed Ranen to start his own vintage resale site on Instagram, named ‘Discarded ATL’. The platform has given him the opportunity to share and cultivate his looks by reaching a wider audience.

@ranengot tons of questions on when they’re coming back ? ##thrifted ##fashion ##streetwear ##atlanta♬ original sound – Ranen


Icykof is the founder of the trending video, #howmuchisyouroutfit, you’ve probably seen his video with Drake on YouTube. Pre-pandemic, Icykof would take to the streets of London and Paris, asking people to give the low down on their fit. The account started to gain traction when Icykof interviewed famous faces such as Matthew Williams, Bella and Gigi Hadid and Don C. Most of his videos are centred around high-fashion runway shows and backstage footage. It’s all natural to Icykof with him having done this for many years on YouTube already.


Emson Mallari is a Candian creator who went viral for his character-inspired content. Mainly creating looks inspired by Disney Characters, Pokémon and Anime, he occasionally mixes it up with a classic ‘How To Style’ video. Mallari has achieved almost 2M followers on the platform, with his inventive and playful themed videos. 


@violetezedimora is a Nigerian-British creator, delivering runway-inspired outfits. She styles tailored pieces, focusing on outerwear. She also draws inspiration from viral Tik-Tok videos, recreating her own elevated versions. Her page is a vibrant mix of bright colours and tonal looks. One of our favourites is her ‘Recreating Male Celebrity Looks’ series where she blends masculine style with her feminine edge.


18 year-old Precious Mayasosua, gained her 700K+ following by posting ‘How-To Pose’ videos and content based around self-confidence. Her platform places an importance on Black-inspired fashion, whilst styling trending streetwear pieces such as sweat sets and sneakers. Some more everyday fits in her videos feature oversized tees, paired with bucket hats and unapologetic slogan jewellery. Mayasosua shows followers how to elevate each outfit, even as far as how to jewel up a set of dental retainers using tooth gems.


Elyanna Sanchez embodies some of the best that New York fashion has to offer. The model has been on TikTok since April 2020 and is recognized for her stand-out 90’s inspired fits. Sanchez follows no trends, creating content inspired by her own style. She also breaks social norms, with videos titled ‘How Society Wants Me To Dress Vs How I Dress’.


London-based Tiffany Alice serves up must-have streetwear fits to her 25.5K following. Creating popular videos such as ‘My Style Then Vs My Style Now’ and ‘Outfits For Days Of The Week’. Her 90s inspired outfits make her page a playful mix of colourful and tonal streetwear looks. All about the accessories? Take inspiration from her stacked statement jewellery.

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