Ye just discovered TikTok ads, here’s what he’s doing

Ye just discovered TikTok ads, here’s what he’s doing

by Robyn Pullen
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Over the weekend, YEEZY dropped a slew of TikTok ads that each went viral overnight, despite being some of the strangest fashion ads we’ve seen in a while. Featuring models running around a busy office, having air blown in their face, or simply putting on a pair of the YZY PODS, each ad was bizarre and kind of uncanny, and yet they seem to be having an impact.

Ever since Ye dropped his Super Bowl Halftime ad, which featured Ye sat in the back of a car telling us to hit up his website, YEEZY has had us wondering if its marketing is insanely lazy or plain genius. In the Super Bowl ad, he explained, “we actually didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial” and it showed. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

As Ye himself put in an Instagram DM to the fan page @yefanatics, “we sold 1 million items on on Super Bowl Sunday.” If true, this pretty much proves that his marketing strategy – no matter how seemingly lazy it might be – is effective (unless its all down to his clout as an artist). In the same conversation, Ye also put forward the suggestion that his next album, Vultures Vol. 2, only be released on 

This is likely in part due to Ye’s opposition to streaming platforms, which he previously said “devalue the music we artists produce.” However, his decision to reject streaming services is also because, according to Ye, “I got 2 million Instagram followers / When 5% of my followers buy an album / That’s 1 million albums sold / That’s 300k more than the biggest album last year.”

Looking at his reasoning, there’s no denying that there are some serious tactics behind Ye’s marketing decisions at YEEZY, and as long as they’re paying off, they can stay as unusual as he likes. But what we do have to wonder is whether people are buying into YEEZY because of Ye’s marketing, or because of Ye.

Ye’s Vultures Vol. 1 Listening Parties, which have been occurring across the globe for the past couple of months, show how dedicated his fans are to supporting him and his music. Despite the fact that the listening parties feature zero live music, and instead only broadcast pre-recordings of his new album, fans are willing to pay upwards of $140 to just be in the same room as Ye.


everything $20

♬ Promoted Music – yzy

Knowing this, there’s no denying that Ye’s fans buy into his music and clothing due to more than just its marketing, especially given how little effort and money appears to be invested in YEEZY’s ads, but this only makes the brand’s new range of ads even more unusual. Looking at Ye’s recent TikTok ads – and the strange content within them – has us asking whether their sole intention is to promote the YZY x Mowalola “WET” bodysuit and tank, or if the ads are more tactful than that.

It seems strange that, for a couple of $20 items that we’ve all already seen, Ye would be set on so heavily marketing them. Instead, it makes us wonder whether, rather than promoting the products, the real purpose of these new ads is to generate buzz about YEEZY in the wake of something bigger. Only Ye and a handful of people in his DMs know what’s on the horizon for YEEZY, but if you know him and his marketing strategies, then you should be expecting something big. Whatever that is, we’ll soon find out.

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