The cult of the Vultures Volume 1 listening party

The cult of the Vultures Volume 1 listening party

by Ollie Cox
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In case you haven’t heard, Kanye West (who now goes by Ye) has been touring the world on the back of his latest project, Vultures Volume One, treating fans to tracks from his highly anticipated album. While it may seem like a random coming together of a load of Ye-obsessed youths in one dark room, recent European legs of the event have caught the tail end of the cancelled Campovolo concert that was rumoured last year. If you want to learn more about the madness, keep reading and get clued up on Kanye’s latest venture.

What is it?

At the start of this year, Kanye announced that Vultures would be released in three volumes over three months, with the first arriving on February 9, followed by a second on March 8 and a third on April 5.

Shortly after the announcement, tickets went on sale for the “Vultures Vol.1 Listening Party” in New York. The initial event was marketed as “the official album release party and listening experience for their debut solo album.” Tickets cost upwards of $140, and of course, they sold out. 

But Kanye wanted to take the project worldwide and took to Instagram to ask for help booking venues. Imminently, the rapper’s story became flooded with screenshots of people offering up some of the wildest venues across the globe, including the pyramids of Giza (a la Travis Scott). We’ll have to keep our eyes out for this one. So far, the tour has been to the UBS Arena in New York, Mediolanum in Milan, the Accor Arena in Paris and and the Unipol Arena in Bologna.

What goes down?

Don’t get it twisted. This isn’t a concert like the rapper’s high-grossing The Life of Pablo” tour and doesn’t involve much in the way of traditional performance either. Instead, fans get treated to a “listening experience” that entails Kanye West wearing his now signature full-face covering and dancing around the stage.

The recent Milan leg of the listening party saw the rapper invite Playboi Carti, Freddie Gibbs, Quavo, and Rich The Kid into the arena, with footage from the event doing the rounds online. But, beyond the excitement factor, it provides little else.

So, the question is, why are people so keen to go to the events? Kanye brings an unpredictability factor like no other, where, besides the obvious questions like “Will he even turn up?” there’s a sense of curiosity, leading us to ask things like “Will he tease new music?” or “Will he release exclusive merch or even showcase a fully-fledged fashion collection?”

What are people wearing? 

Kanye used the event as a way to showcase a new look. One that we’re all very familiar with here in London: Black Nike Air Force 1s, a black The North Face puffer jacket, and some Nike gloves. Besides Ye’s new “London-esque” look, this is one of the first times we’ve seen Kanye perform in Nike for a while, following an abrupt end to his adidas partnership following antisemitic remarks made in 2022.

Playboi Carti is a style icon in his own right, and on stage in New York, he joined Mr. West in an Anonymous Klub “New York” Dunce hat, Pelle Pelle leather jacket and Timbs, which was a standout ‘fit for sure. 

Why does it work?

 The Vultures listening party epitomises Kanye West’s appeal, where the doors of exclusivity are ever so slightly prised open, allowing fans to revel in a shared feeling of belonging. It’s an “all-eyes-on Kanye, sold-out stadium” spectacle that shows the strength of Kanye’s following.

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