Ye at Acne, Doja in Chrome Hearts & more good sh*t this week

Ye at Acne, Doja in Chrome Hearts & more good sh*t this week

by Robyn Pullen
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Its Friday and, if you’re not as chronically online as we are, you might’ve missed a few things that went down that week. From Rick Owens new tat to Louis Vuitton’s new spread, here’s our round up of the good sh*t from this week.

Ye at Acne Studios is what we wish our payday looked like

If there’s one vibe we’re trying to emulate this weekend, it Ye on his shopping spree at Acne Studios: calm, collection, and surrounded by designer clothing. If only the rest of us had the same budget as Ye too.

Doja’s bringing back chains back in Chrome Hearts

Doja Cat’s one of the latest It Girls to fall back in love with Chrome Hearts, wearing this stunning angel-inspired look this week which was posted on IG. Maybe Chrome Hearts is about to become the hot girl brand of the summer… wdyt?

Another billionaire with visit the Titanic

Apparently the billionaires behind the first trip back to the Titanic’s wreck are gunning for the saying “second time lucky,” given they’ve decided to send another crew down to take a look, even after the last expedition went so famously wrong. Oh wait, it goes “third time lucky,” doesn’t it? Huh.

Rick got tatted up and its so c*nt

Rick Owens – Creative Director of his eponymous brand and renowned trendsetter – just got the most iconic set of tattoos in 2024 so far. Everyone else with a cool tattoo idea can go home – Rick just won.

Corbin Shaw takes on Euro 2024

Artist Corbyn Shaw’s been putting up billboards round London with the slogan “God save the team” ahead of England playing the Euros. What happened to the confidence of “Its Coming Home”? Apparently he’s not betting on England winning… or at least not without some divine intervention.

This is going to be one of their villain origin stories

Everyone’s favourite couple… sorry, we mean close friends Trent Alexander-Arnold and Iris Law just linked up for GUESS JEANS latest campaign and we’re beginning to wonder if this might be one of their villain origin stories.

The Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Banana Boots were two of our 5 a day

We finally got our hands on the Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Banana Boots – you already know the ones – and got to play around the a pair. Surprisingly, they’re not as slippery as you’d expect banana peels to be… maybe that’s because they’re made of leather.

Louis Vuittonella?

Louis Vuitton is apparently starting up a new venture, delving into the world of spreadables with a luxury take on the chocolate spread we all know and love. Whether we’d shell out an LV amount of cash for a toast topper, we’re not sure. Send us a pot first, Pharrell?

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