Av Vattev SS25 “LOUD” is making formality fun again ft. Lennon Gallagher

Av Vattev SS25 “LOUD” is making formality fun again ft. Lennon Gallagher

by Aura Arif
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We caught up with Antonio Vattev, the founder of Av Vattev on set for his SS25 lookbook.

The Bulgarian-born, London-based designer spoke on the new collection for his eponymous label saying “I just wanted something that makes you smile” which he definitely did. The vibes on set were laid back, with the voice of Jim Morrison in the background transitioning (oddly seamlessly) to UK jungle mixes, the models were enjoying themselves and not to mention the clothes were beautifully constructed. 

The look book was styled by London-based stylist Nicola Neri, and features model and musician Lennon Gallagher, funnily enough whose father Liam Gallagher would be one of Antonio’s dream musicians to style in his designs. 

The lookbook combines lightness and formality, taking a fun approach towards serious tailoring, showing us Antonio’s more playful side for this year’s Spring/Summer collection.

Av Vattev©

If you had to describe the story of your collection in your own words, what would they be?

So the starting point of the collection was again the 70s and 90s, but I really wanted to see how I can bring fun, how I can make everything more casual and just feel more free. I feel like nowadays everyone has so much to deal with, and I wanted to bring more lightness with the clothes – at the same time I concentrated on formality, we have a lot of tailoring but I feel like I gave a new approach where it makes formality more fun again. So yeah, this season I just wanted to do something that was extremely light and just makes you feel free – and at the same time makes you confident.

What was on the mood board when designing this collection?

Well, the mood board, I feel like this time I didn’t change the mood board that much, it’s mainly how these musicians I’ve been looking at the last few years, and more about their lifestyles but also how they behave on the scene, what kind of clothes they wore to be able to dance and feel so fearless. So, again I feel like I just concentrated on the whole mood and what we want to express through the clothes, instead of going to detail in the actual clothing.

A question that kind of goes along with that is what was on your playlist when working on this collection?

The playlist was the usual again, 70s, 60s but also for some reason we had The Doors on repeat? Which was funny because the music, it’s a bit heavier but has this feeling of like formality and it was nice to translate that through much lighter clothes, and just to have this juxtaposition of heavy music and light clothes and seeing how it can come altogether – and look smooth and chic.

Av Vattev©

One thing that stood out to me from the collection are the speaker cone detailings – what was the significance behind this? What were you listening to when designing this collection?

Well the collection is called ‘Loud’ and because we’re doing a lookbook and not a catwalk show, we were looking for something for people to understand immediately when they see the clothes and the styling. I think having that speaker – it’s literally under your nose – but at the same time we tried to keep it almost like jewellery, an add on almost. We needed something funny, I just wanted something that makes you smile, while at the same time has the same concept as the whole collection and moodboard. So, we definitely wanted something more silly and I think that’s what the speaker cones bring to the collection and takes away the ‘seriousness’ that usually you create when you make clothes.

If you could dress any musician dead or alive who would it be? 

If I had the choice, my top three would be, obviously Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and Liam Gallagher.

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