Apple is on a mad one: here are the new updates you might’ve missed

Apple is on a mad one: here are the new updates you might’ve missed

by Ollie Cox
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Apple just unveiled a load of new features, and we can’t lie we got our hopes up. Is your battery life getting longer? No. Is your ongoing storage issue solved? No. But here is what you can do. Yesterday, the California-based tech giant and low-key rulers of the world, Apple announced several new features at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), including breakthroughs in AI technology, a boatload of new emojis, bigger iPad screens, and new gestures for your AirPods. Here are the Apple updates you might have missed.

Updates to your AirPods

Now, your AirPods will be able to recognise head nods, and there are spatial audio upgrades for gaming. The new features will allow you to privately respond to Siri with a head nod, and voice isolation will be a feature on the AirPods Pro, ensuring you can be heard in loud environments. Updates will also reduce audio latency, making them even more immersive. 

Apple joined the AI party 

Better late than never, right? Now Apple has caught up to its competitors and introduced AI into the mix. Apple’s AI features will be incorporated across its devices, including Mac and iOS technology, allowing users to pull information and take action from within mobile apps. The incorporation of artificial intelligence into Apple products is the result of a long-awaited partnership with OpenAI, which would see Chat GPT technology worked into responses from Siri, which will also function as an AI chatbot. Did someone say the robots are coming? Well, given that Apple’s phones are among the four most sold worldwide, maybe they are. 

New emojis

There are new emojis on the block… kind of. Genmoji is Apple’s custom emoji powered by artificial intelligence. To create a Genmoji, users input a prompt and Apple will create an image in its typical emoji style that can be used as reactions or sent individually. 

While yesterday’s WWDC conference announcement is definitely a flex of Apple’s IOS muscles, is this the update we all wanted or needed? Many of us can’t remember the last time we got to 3 p.m. without having to charge. But at least we have custom emojis – so there’s that. 

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