A Valentine’s guide to treating yourself

A Valentine’s guide to treating yourself

by Robyn Pullen
8 min

Valentine’s Day is not a day for singles to spend cramming pizza, crying over rom-coms, or spamming your ex; it’s for treating yourself. Whether that involves splashing out on the Valentine’s gift your favourite person (yourself) has wanted for months or getting dressed up and singing Murder on the Dance Floor in a crowded club until you’ve forgotten what day of the year it is, here’s how we’d recommend treating yourself this Valentine’s Day.

& Other Stories Midnight Encore Eye Colour Cream £17.00 / $21.43

If there’s one thing that can cure the feeling of being single on Valentine’s Day, it’s a wild, hangover-worthy night out. But for that, you’ll be needing glitter. & Other Stories’ Eye Colour Creams are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any fit, especially in our personal favourite shade, Midnight Encore, a deep, shimmering blue. 


Prada Chocolate Loafer £920.00 / $1,159.52

According to the ‘shoe theory’ it’s unlikely you would’ve received a pair of shoes for Valentine’s Day even if you weren’t single (lest they drive your relationship to an end, as the theory predicts). So, the only way you were ever going to get your hands on a pair of these chocolate Prada loafers (via Flannels) was by gifting them to yourself. What says ‘treating yourself’ more than buying a pair of shoes? Buying a pair of Prada shoes. 


Olay Regenerist 3Point Firming Anti-Ageing Night Cream – £17.00 / $21.43

Skincare is self-care, and if there’s one thing you should be treating this Valentine’s Day, its yourself. That’s why we recommend Olay’s Regenerist Night Cream, a moisturising cream packed with Vitamin B3 and Peptides for skin that visibly recovers while you sleep.


Everpress La Bonne Musique “Never Date a DJ” Tee – £28.00 / $35.29

Around Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember the ‘dos and don’ts’ of dating, and what better way to do so than by wearing them on your shirt. Everpress’s original t-shirts are each created by an independent artist or collective, but its ‘Never Date A DJ’ tee, designed by La Bonne Music, is one of the few with dating advice included.


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Hot Chocolit Fantasy – £18.00 / $22.69

Around Valentine’s Day a lot of us feel like we’re looking for a confidence boost; something to make us feel as iconic and empowered as, say… Rihanna. And as much as we realise none of us will ever be Rihanna, Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is a step in that direction. If you’re looking to feel a little bit more like Riri this Valentine’s, Fenty Beauty’s sparkling lip gloss in the shade ‘Hot Chocolit Fantasy’ is how.


Lanvin Melodie Ribbon Ring – £275.00 / $346.59

The idea that rings are a gift your romantic partner buys for you, rather than something you buy for yourself, is tired. This Valentine’s Day, Lanvin’s Mélodie ring is the perfect ring to gift yourself (rather than waiting for someone else to do it). Twisted in a symbol evocative of a ribbon, the design is said to be a symbol of love. Self-love, in our opinion.


bareMinerals Gen Nude® Blonzer® in Kiss of Pink – £27.00 / $34.03

Just because cuffed up couples have claimed pink for Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean singles can’t wear it. Add a touch of pink to any look with bareMinerals’ Gen Nude® Blonzer® – a blush and bronzer combo – in sun-kissed rosy-pink. Its silky texture is designed to blend seamlessly into skin, and flatter all skin tones.


Gabar (TOUCH) Body Oil – £55.00 / $69.32

Massages don’t always come in couples! With Gabar’s (TOUCH) Body Oil, you can indulge in an aspect of self-care that nourishes your skin with a blend of Southeast Asian, deep conditioning, and hydrating plant extracts. Scented with the fragrances of a walk through nature, mixing cedarwood, cypress, coconut, and green leaves, Gabar’s (TOUCH) Body Oil is designed to sooth and support your skin.


Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves – £255.00 / $321.39

There’s a theory that you should assign a different fragrance to each moment in your life, depending on what you want it to evoke. If you’re single but looking to just enjoy single life, Louis Vuitton’s Attrape-Rêves is perfect. Fragranced with cocoa powder and peonies, described by Louis Vuitton as “a wondrous journey between dream and reality.” Turn your day into a waking dream with a spray of Attrape-Rêves.


Laura Mercier Mini Roseglow Caviar – £23.00 / $28.99

If you do happen to be on the prowl this Valentine’s Day, hypnotising a love interest into your life is the best way to get a date fast, and there’s no easier way to do it than with shimmery, glowy skin. Their eyes will be so captivated by the petal soft highlight of Laura Mercier’s RoseGlow Caviar eye colour sticks that they’ll be in your arms in a second.


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