Get fashion month ready in this week’s shopping guide

Get fashion month ready in this week’s shopping guide

by Robyn Pullen
8 min

It’s that time of year again: fashion month is upon us and, like most people, you’re probably feeling unprepared. We know that the priority is planning a fit for every day of the next two months, but there are some things that we tend to forget from our bags every year. From travel essentials to luxury accessories, here’s our compilation of the things you’ll be grateful you remembered to put on your packing list. You’re welcome.

100ml Airplane Mode Pouch – £144.00 / $183.16

100ml is the cosmetics brand built around travel. Its pre-packed and personalised pouches containing all your known-brand beauty and wellness essentials (in less than 100ml sizes, so you can get them through customs) are perfect for all the hectic fashion month travel you’re about to embark on. For your flight, we’d recommend the Airplane Mode pouch, packed with hydrating essentials for everyday, with products from Aesop to Lesse.


Acne Studios Pink Arcturus Sunglasses – £310.00 / $394.30

Whilst the weather in Europe is almost certain to be rainy, that doesn’t mean you can forget a pair of sunnies this fashion month. Not only are they the perfect accessory for elevating even the comfiest of fits, slipping on a pair of Acne Studios shades is a quick trick for convincing the after party’s security that you’re slightly more important than you look. Bonus points if you’re wearing them indoors.


Fenty Skin Cherry Dub Blah 2 Bright 5% AHA Face Mask – £30.66 / $39.00

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to come out of fashion month, it’s awful skin. The combination of late nights, constant travel, and living off hotel breakfasts takes its toll on your skin quickly, which is why making use of a face mask that actually works is a must. We’d recommend Fenty Skin’s Cherry Dub Blah face mask, which contains Salicylic Acid + Vitamin C to boost and brighten your skin instantly.


Balenciaga Earpods Case in Black – £225.00 / $286.19

Believe it or not, but the worst thing that can happen at fashion month isn’t you embarrassing yourself in front of a PR. It’s actually losing your AirPods. That’s why investing in an AirPod case with a carabiner pre-attached is as essential as packing underwear, and this one from Balenciaga is ideal for the job. Trust me, you’ll regret not buying one when you’re stuck editing videos of Pharrell on speaker.


Laura Mercier Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Concealer – £28.50 / $36.25

As mentioned, after even just a few days of the “show; show; show; show; after party; sleep” cycle, the bags under your eyes will be deep enough to compete with the Mariana Trench. Luckily, Laura Mercier’s weightless concealer is perfect for solving this issue, as its formula is infused with 85% skincare ingredients. It has the combined effect of covering and curing your dark circles, in one package.


Alo Cashmere Plush Waffle Zip Hoodie – £355.00 / $451.54

For those days when you don’t care if you run into Anna Wintour, you just want to feel comfortable, a chic loungewear set is essential. Pairing this cashmere grey hoodie with the matching yoga pants from Alo might seem way too casual for fashion month, but layered jewellery, the right bag, and an excessive pair of sunnies turns it from loungewear to a runway-ready fit.


Jacquemus Black Le Chouchou ‘Les Mules Plates Ballet’ Mules – £326.00 / $414.66

After days of running back and forth from show to show, your feet will start to kill. Carrying a pair of flats to change into for walking between events might be the thing that saves your feet from needing amputation this fashion month, and this pair from Jacquemus are the perfect slip-on mules to keep tucked into your bag. You can thank me later.


Selahatin Eau de Oral Blue Forever – £27.56 / $35.05

The best way to get blacklisted at fashion month is bad breath, which is why a good mouth spray is more than a want… it’s a need. For the sake of your career, invest in Selahatin’s luxury Eau de Oral mouth spray in the flavour “Blue Forever” and swap out bitter coffee breath for the scent (and taste) of lime and peppermint.


Low Classic Black Giant Padded Bag – £130.00 / $165.35

For some reason, despite the fact that we’re living in the digital age, quite a few brands still insist on sending physical invites. To ensure you don’t accidentally lose your invite, whether it’s a slip of paper or a Prada pillow, carrying a giant bag with plenty of room to store them is a must. We’d say this one from Low Classic looks spacious enough for whatever type of invite they make you bring along… well, apart from the chair Maison Alaïa made its guests carry to the show space.


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