Trends to leave in 2023

Trends to leave in 2023

by Robyn Pullen
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2023 was a year of viral trends and products, from the Miu Miu cardigan to the Barbie Birkenstock. We’ve spent the past 12 months swindling Tabis and collecting New Balance 550s in every colour way, but enough is enough. Here’s some of the fashion, beauty, and cultural trends we’ve enjoyed in 2023 but are more than happy to leave behind now.

The bold glamour filter

Whether you’re chronically online or a casual social media browser, it’s been impossible to avoid the bold glamour filter in 2023. TikTok’s latest viral attempt at giving us all facial dysmorphia has been used by probably 90% of the population, and as funny as it was at first, we have to draw the line. How many times can you look at yourself through a bold glamour lens before you lose all grip on reality? We don’t want to find out.

The JW Anderson frog wellies

JW Anderon, the luxury fashion brand known for its weird and wacky accessories from pigeon bags to frog clutches, collaborated with Wellipets in April of 2023 and sent the fashion community spiralling. Whilst these waterproof froggy shoes are funny for about five minutes, after taking a good look at them there’s no denying they’re a trend that we need to depart from. Let’s leave this one in the archives.

The COS quilted bag

The COS quilted bag actually made it onto The Lyst Index’s list of Q3’S Hottest Products in 2023, and the fashion girls and guys obviously took note. As fun as it’s been to have a slightly more affordable bag make it into the top ten best products of 2023, I’m starting to see it when I close my eyes. If you haven’t seen this bag slung over the shoulders of every influencer since it dropped, what rock have you been under? Just put down the bag guys; there’s plenty more bags out there to be worn.

Self-righteous gorpcore mentalities

Gorpcore had its moment in 2023 with brands from MM6 Maison Margiela to Arc’teryx championing the aesthetic, and honestly we have no qualms with the gorpcore look at all. What we want to leave in 2023 is the exclusionary gorpcore mentality, which is the attitude that gorpcore style pieces should be reserved only for intense outdoor recreation like hiking or running.

We get it, you hike, but that doesn’t mean you’re the only one that should be able to wear comfortable, practical, and durable gorpcore-style fits. In 2024, let’s ditch the mentality that gorpcore doesn’t make sense on the runway; it’s all clothes at the end of the day. How, where, and when you wear them is up to you.

Underwear with tights (and nothing else)

We all remember Miu Miu’s mini skirt dominating 2022 so the brand was hardly going to let 2023 escape without an item from its latest collections infesting our feeds. But I have to say, whoever decided this would be the Miu Miu label underwear paired with tights needs to rethink their choices. This is the type of look that only Bella Hadid can pull off. Sadly, the rest of us look like our skirt unravelled a few blocks back and we haven’t yet noticed. But maybe that’s just my opinion because the coquette girlies seem determined to keep this look alive.

The Louis Vuitton 8-bit camo print

Pharrell, we love you but honestly the 8-bit camouflage print from Louis Vuitton’s Menswear collections last year needs to go. As much as we appreciate a new print, this one isn’t it. It’s giving Minecraft meets luxury fashion and that’s just not the vibe for 2024. Here’s hoping Pharrell’s upcoming collection for Louis Vuitton’s FW24 Menswear show will replace the 8-bit camo print with something a little more… elevated. 

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