‘Taking the bins out’ type fits are in

‘Taking the bins out’ type fits are in

by Stella Hughes
2 min

We’ve all done it – been wrapped up in (ill fitting) pyjamas, or some comfy homewear attire of your choice, sat down to settle in for the night, then realised you’ve got to take the bins out before collection day tomorrow. Throwing on whatever shoes you can find most quickly has become second nature – leading to fits that would probably warrant a concerned text message from a friend if they saw you out like that.

There’s an unspoken rule of no judgement when you see your neighbours doing the same thing, too. You’re not going to berate Sandra from Number 55 for pairing her 2014 UGG boots with a unicorn dressing gown, in fact you applaud it, because she’s seen you do the same. So what if we were to tell you that these very fits are now the pinnacle of high fashion, darling?

Last month saw A-Listers and the fashion crowd flock to LA for Balenciaga’s latest showcase. Dividing opinions online, it paid homage to the ‘classic LA’ look according to Balenciaga – that is, if the classic LA look is 15 sets of identical black leggings on a global stage. With Nicole Kidman and the Kardashians in the FROW to Alex Consani and Cardi B walking, the insanely high density of celebrities on one road was enough to cause traffic in the city and online – but there was one styling choice that seemed all too familiar.

Pairing a pair of Large Pyjama Pants with the brand’s Alaska Fur Boots (an XXL take on UGG boots) only served to conjure up the image of Sandra taking her recycling out in our minds. For Balenciaga’s version of this highly unserious fit, Demna opted to have the model wear the brand’s Incognito Bomber, Monaco Sling Bag, and remain inconspicuous with a double-whammy of the Panther Mask sunglasses and a cap.

Because if you’re taking your bins out in paparazzi-ridden LA, you don’t want to be recognised, duh.

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