Could your car be your new therapist

Could your car be your new therapist

by Eric Brain
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Picture this: it’s been a long day at work, your cortisol levels are skyrocketing, and there’s no escape in your head from the chaos consuming you. Where do you go to find solitude? Your car, specifically a Range Rover Evoque or Range Rover Velar. 

Driving to relax might seem like an oxymoron, but there’s more to it than getting from A to B. Sure, other drivers might stress you out, as might traffic, breaking down, taking the wrong turn, or having an annoying passenger, but in a Range Rover, all of the aforementioned stressors go out of the window. 

It goes without saying that a Range Rover is a nice place to be. The best seat in the house is in the rear, reclined with the massage function pumping your back and the blinds blocking out the world as it passes by. But for those that enjoy the process of unwinding while driving, Range Rover has got you covered. 

“Driving on your own is, for many people, the only time of solitude.”

Range Rover does so through its development of corrective measures. While keeping productivity, awareness, and attention to detail at the forefront of driving, it also wants to make driving a place and time of pleasure, serenity, and self-reflection. 

As Culted experienced on our drive from Paris to the Champagne region of France, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a Range Rover Evoque or Velar. It’s not just the redaction of messiness in the cabin, the comfort of the ride, or the Meridian sound system pumping out our favourite French classiques, no. In addition to this is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), air purification, which combined, amounts to the very essence of what makes for a stress-free environment. 

Put by wellness expert and Power Hour podcast host Adrienne Adhami, driving “is about solitude. Driving on your own is, for many people, the only time of solitude.” Adhami went on to explain that it’s not just a time for us to seek out for ourselves, but that it has many health benefits, upping our enjoyment factors. “Driving is a time for you to curate your environment: you can listen to music you like or a podcast you like.”

There’s no fighting over who gets the aux cord here, as it’s all managed via Range Rover’s proprietary touchscreen infotainment system. And with the music acting as background noise, Range Rover goes on to elevate the calmness with its Active Noise Cancellation, found in the Velar we experienced.

Range Rover ©

Per Range Rover’s team, the ANC is not something that you would “notice.” Instead, “it’s embedded in the Meridian audio system, and it reduces the noise coming into the cabin. It’s all focused on the well-being of the occupant – we’re thinking about how people feel when they get in and out of the vehicle, and it’s a combination of lots of different things that reduce the cognitive load.”

Range Rover’s team added: “Inputs come to us from all over, be it sight, touch, or sound, and what we have delivered is a car that reduces everything. We’ve reduced the noise, we’ve created a clean environment, and the air you breathe is better in the car than the air you breathe outside. The materials have been well-considered, there’s a soft touch. And then there’s things that your eyes would [normally] process; we took a lot of things out of the car that aren’t so obvious, things that subconsciously catch your eye. It’s for the wellbeing of our clients.”

Its clients’ wellbeing is considered to levels you might not even imagine – PM2.5 and CO₂ levels, to be precise. Per Range Rover, the in-built air purification system targets “particulate matter of 2.5 microns or smaller. 2.5 microns is 3% of the diameter of a single human hair.”

“Cars are a calm sanctuary and an escape.”

It might sound small, but the effects are terrifyingly mighty. In this increasingly-polluted world, any change we can make will make a considerable difference to our quality of life. Range Rover knows this all too well, targeting “pollutants, allergens and pollen that’s in the atmosphere, which can be taken in by our lungs and into our bloodstream. Air quality, today, comes up in red on your phone when in cities like Paris. When you get in the car, hit the air purification button and the car will start to recirculate the air, clean it, and take out the pollutants using the PM2.5 filter.”

But it’s not just physical health benefits that the marque is focusing on. With this very technology, the automotive brand is making driving more enjoyable – creating a harmonised ecosystem of destressing-meets-serene driving joy. Using its air purification filter, the cars also manage interior CO₂ quality and levels: “CO₂ is very important – high levels of it consequent in drowsiness, and you could lose attentiveness. We want people to feel as fresh when they get out of the car as when they got into it, if not fresher.”

So next time you’re stressed tf out, feeling like you need respite, or simply fancy a drive, think about it deeper. From its simplistic interior that doesn’t distract you to the technology embedded in the car, Range Rover is leading the way in luxury personal travel.

As Adhami concludes, “Your peripheral vision catches the forward motion of passing, and that feels good on a deeper level, because you’re moving forward. If you like it, and you enjoy it and feel relaxed, even that can be perceived as relaxing – it’s your time to relax. You’re not looking at your phone, you’re just focusing on one task for a change, so there are many reasons why we enjoy driving. Cars are a calm sanctuary and an escape.”

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