Key pieces from Prada’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection: swim caps, smart ties & more

Key pieces from Prada’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection: swim caps, smart ties & more

by Juliette Eleuterio
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We’re only in our second week of 2024 and Prada is already back in office full-time. Kicking off day three of Milan Fashion Week, the Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons-led Italian House gave us a luxurious office core offering for Fall/Winter 2024 – the type that would make you feel like Paul Allen if you pulled up to your 9-5 in a Prada FW24 tie in front of your Patrick Bateman colleague. 

With yet another collection of classic elegance and forward-thinking design, Prada continues on its lauded path of shared creative vision, merging heritage with effortless coolness. Keep reading to find out what our favourite pieces of Prada’s latest collection are.

Prada really said headwear this season

No cap, Prada isn’t playing around. This season, Prada was repping the boys with CES (cold ear syndrome), by accessorising all of their fifty models in some sort of headwear. It started off with beanies resembling a hybrid of skull caps and swim caps – the tighter on the head, the better. These ones came in an array of colours from bright greens and reds to muted purples and neutrals. 

Then, Prada went slightly edgier, offering its take on the balaclava, also seen in an array of colours and made with a similar fabric as the beanies, often paired with a knotted mini scarf. To finish us off, the Italian house sent out a handful of sailor-style hats, truly tapping into that 7:30 a.m. commute where ravers going home and finance bros going to work inevitably cross paths.

Geometric belts to make a statement

In case your job happens to be an architect or any other job that uses maths and geometry (I work in fashion, how would I know?), Prada had you in mind whilst designing these statement belts. The offering gave us a modern equivalent of the 70s concho belt, with shapes such as triangles and chain-linked circled being adopted.

The belt became a key aspect of this collection as looks unveiled themselves, though not all had such a bold appearance. Some belts were so subtle they were actually a part of the trousers (and bags), with a sleek black look and a simple silver buckle, tucked away off-centre. There was also a doubling-up on belts, with one model seen sporting a black and a snake-print belt on top of one another. Either way, your trousers are definitely not falling off this season – and that’s definitely for the better.

Smart ties, smart guys

Making big boy money equals knowing how to wear a big boy tie, and Prada had a plethora of ties for you to pick from. While no heads were spared from this season’s headwear offering, the ties were only featured on about half the looks, and still, there were plenty to go around. Seen in taupe, rust, lime green, crimson, khaki, or black, you name it and Prada probably has it. Mrs Prada and raf get double bonus points one these ones because, one; the tie’s knot is basically a reinterpretation of Prada’s signature triangle logo, and two; some ties match their socks in colour and we stan a colour coordinated king.

Open-toed shoes aren’t going anywhere 

Even though this collection was designed for the colder seasons, the dogs are still hanging out. As most suits are, Prada dressed theirs with smart, formal, laced-up, patented shoes, but we also saw the design duo get a bit more creative. Mules were given the same patent treatment, offering the smart boys a chance to switch it up when the AC isn’t blasted in the office. We also saw criss-cross, gladiator-style shoes offered in a red and white colourway, so there are no excuses if the big boss asks you to have post-work drinks on his yacht.

Literal bum bags

Why get a BBL when you could get a Prada bum bag? Men’s bag options have been quite limited, as a stronger focus was put on womenswear and men had their handy-dandy deep and wide pockets to rely on. Those days, though, are over – thank you Prada. For this FW24 collection, we saw XL briefcases and man bags, but what really caught our eye were those literal bum bags, which were worn on the bum rather than on the front of the models’ waists. 

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