POSTER GIRL campaign’s are crazy, here’s how they go viral

POSTER GIRL campaign’s are crazy, here’s how they go viral

by Robyn Pullen
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POSTER GIRL has kept us hooked with its innovative campaigns this past year. Laced with nostalgia for ‘90s celebrity culture, it has served up paparazzi-style shots, celeb courtroom drama, and its own take on reality TV. 

POSTER GIRL was founded in 2017 by Natasha Somerville and Francesca Capper, who first came together while studying at Central Saint Martins. But before starting their own venture with POSTER GIRL, the two cut their teeth at some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dior, John Galliano, Jeremy Scott, and Vivienne Westwood – a move that would set them in good stead for launching their own label. 

POSTER GIRL is defined by an uber confident ultra-feminine aesthetic, and that has risen to the fore of popular culture, being worn by Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa and Paris Hilton. You might have come across POSTER GIRL through its viral campaigns, which draw heavily on early 2000s celebrity and paparazzi culture, which has seen the brand film a fake documentary detailing the courtroom star of icons like JT, Cindy Kimberly, and Alana Champion, and most recently, film its own reality TV series titled The Love Factory starring Alton Mason, Lana Rhoades, the Clermont Twins, and Daphnee Marleen. Part of POSTER GIRL’s success is the world building where tabloid scandal is transformed into red carpet worthy design. 

Anyway that’s enough from us. Hear what Natasha and Francesca have to say about the brand’s viral moments, reality TV, and what’s next below. 

Your campaigns centre on nostalgic pop culture, paparazzi and reality TV references from the ‘00s. How significant was the ‘00s, and how is it displayed in your designs?

This era is very significant to us, it was the final moment before the massive cultural shift into social media and camera phones…. I guess before that, we relied on paps to get an insight into celeb behaviour and reality TV shows giving us a glimpse of their lives. It’s a nostalgic distant memory in the sense we will never be able to go back to those times. Our designs have an essence of our upbringing, so they authentically coincide with this decade. 

How have your previous design experiences influenced your approach to POSTER GIRL?

We have both had such a breadth of experience spanning Dior, Galliano, Westwood, Bvlgari, Wang and Jeremy Scott. We’re really lucky meeting at Central Saint Martins in such a pressure-fuelled environment because the stresses coming with running your own brand are pretty second to none. It’s the classic case of Instagram vs. reality. 

Your campaigns go viral. What is it about them that is so shareable?

We spend months and months of planning on the campaigns, building out the storyline and finding the perfect cast. We always dare to go that little bit further but never let the tongue-in-cheek humour slip. It allows our campaigns to resonate with a wider audience as well as the fashion girlies. 

You’ve collaborated with a hefty roster of celebrities. Who is one person you’d love to see in POSTER GIRL?

Tiffany Pollard would be iconic… & Anna-Nicole Smith if she still graced this Earth.

Who is an unexpected POSTER GIRL?

I really don’t think anyone has been unexpected, I think that’s the beauty of POSTER GIRL – the DNA is inclusivity. 

If you could describe Poster Girl with one word, what would it be?

Shadowbanned lol

What reality TV show would you be on?

The Love Factory – obviously!! 

What is the inspiration behind The Love Factory?

It was actually on the flight home from our Supreme Court campaign shoot where we had the idea of creating our own reality tv show. We wanted to merge a Big Brother house idea, which is quintessentially British, with the most iconic reality shows (we think) of all time. We, of course, had loads of names for the show ranging from ‘Thirst Trap’ to the ‘The Simp Life’!  Zach Kozek our Executive Producer / Director of Photography (responsible for the most iconic shows: Flavor of Love, Jersey Shore, Charm School, Rock of Love and many more….) made the vision come to life.

Holly Forbes for CULTED©

Snog, Marry Kill, three pieces from your latest collection?

Snog: Leng Jumpsuit

Marry: Barre Dress

Kill: Roast Dress (because if you wear that while bumping into your ex they’re gunna die) 

What’s next for Poster Girl?

We have a super exciting collab coming up later this year so keep your eyes peeled!

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