Perfumer H puts pen to paper for its Ink collection

Perfumer H puts pen to paper for its Ink collection

by Robyn Pullen
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Unconventionality is the trend dominating the fragrance world in 2024, and Perfumer H, the British fragrance brand founded by Lyn Harris, is no stranger to the allure of the unique. From fragrances designed to emulate the scent of rain clouds, to a range of products inspired by the hypnotic scent of ink, Perfumer H’s variety of perfumes, incense, and candles touch every corner of the earth. So what does ink actually smell like?

Opening an old book and inhaling the combination of its weathered pages with subtle notes of printed ink might be one of the most transportive scents, relocating your senses to the inside of the fantasy enveloped with its pages. This is the unique experience that Perfumer H’s “Ink” collection has bottled, fusing Papyrus India, vetiver Haiti, cedarwood and frankincense to create a scent reminiscent of blue ink on a crisp white page. 

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Featured across Perfumer H’s full range of products, from an Eau de Parfum in a bespoke glass bottle to a refreshing room spray and even a sweatshirt, the collection allows you to surround yourself with the scent of Ink in every aspect of daily life, from your wardrobe to your bathing rituals to your home. 

Perfumer H’s variety of hand blown glass products, from an Ink candle to a perfume, act as both functional fragrances and interior decoration, with their deep-blue, inky casing adding a touch of luxury to any night stand or coffee table. In addition, they’re both refillable, following Perfumer H’s dedication to circularity and waste-reduction. Simply re-visit your closest Perfumer H store or shop candle refills and 100ml refill bottles for fragrances online, to have your hand blown ornament returned to its original, functional state.  

Perfumer H’s Ink incense sticks are also particularly luxurious, given that they draw on one of Japan’s traditional practices, enlisting the same historic incense makers in Kyoto who also provide incense to the local Buddhist temples and monasteries to create their 30 pieces of incense. Each stick of incense is rolled carefully by hand.

Escape into the fumes of fine, white pages and deep, blue scrawl via Perfumer H’s addictive Ink range, available in full on the brand’s website and in store.

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