Perfumer H’s Icons Collection is replacing the signature scent

Perfumer H’s Icons Collection is replacing the signature scent

by Robyn Pullen
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Why wear exactly the same fragrance every single day when you can rotate a selection of iconic scents based on the plans, vibe, or even your mood? Perfumer H, the British fragrance brand founded by Lyn Harris, is ditching the “personal scent,” and introducing a new trend that breaks through the barrier of boring, repetitive consistency when it comes to fragrances.

With its new Icons Collection, a curated selection of the brand’s most loved scents, you’re no longer limited to one “signature smell” that becomes undetectable over time. Instead Perfumer H’s Icons Collection encourages you to rotate between five iconic scents based on exactly how you feel in that moment. 

On a cold and gloomy day, breathe the scent of crackling wood fires that transport you back home by spritzing Perfumer H’s Smoke scent. Or before heading out for the evening, spray yourself with Leather, a fragrance as sharp and clean cut as it is comfortingly familiar, to slice through the nerves.

With each fragrance (Bergamot, Smoke, Ink, Rain cloud, and Leather) pulling on scents from different locations around the world, you can be transported to a different environment with each fragrance. Be swept down to the Italian coast by the citrus notes of Bergamot or ushered into a warm and dimly lit library by cedar wood in Ink

Perfumer H’s Icons Collection features five 9ml bottles of the brand’s classic eau parfums in sleek, travel sized bottles, and are available in Perfumer H shops and on the brand’s website for £125 /€145.

Why have one signature perfume when you can have five?

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