Founder Lyn Harris invites you into Perfumer H’s new home

Founder Lyn Harris invites you into Perfumer H’s new home

by Robyn Pullen
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Whilst most fragrance stores carry a sleek and somewhat sterile air to their interior, newly opened Perfumer H flagship store has a more homely quality. Stepping into the brand’s recently unveiled store, nestled in the streets of Mayfair, London, is like escaping into someone’s living room.

From the antique Georgian chair placed casually within the space, to the worn, wooden dining table, ready to be sat down at and made use of, every aspect of Perfumer H’s flagship store exudes a sense of lived-in comfort. And that’s no happy accident, as Lyn Harris, Founder of Perfumer H, reveals the store was designed with the intention of making you feel welcomed and open to explore your senses.

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In dreaming up the interior of Perfumer H’s new flagship store, Harris explains that, “we were inspired by the street’s 18th century heritage.” Opening a store in London always invites history onto your doorstep, and rather than painting over it, Perfumer H opted to highlight the building’s rich past. “The store has been designed to evoke Georgian London,” Harris goes on.

Harris sees the memory of the space’s past, even in its most modern features (like ceramics by Ed Hill, furniture by Bobby Mills, or a beautiful painting by Will Calver), as a sort of homage to the like-minded artists and craftsmen who’ve occupied it before her. She explains that “carefully selected antiques sit alongside bespoke modern pieces to reflect the eclectic romanticism of the Regency period and multi-faceted soul of the brand.”

This concept of blending modern influences with a traditional and historic base isn’t just seen in Perfumer H’s flagship store’s interior; it’s also a notion ingrained within the brand itself. This is because Perfumer H is known for its merging of old-world approaches to fragrance, with a tastefully new aesthetic, by creating products that hold the weight of an heirloom whilst still appearing polished, modern, and luxurious. 

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This blend of classic and modern features is seen in a particular unique element of Perfumer H’s store: the olfactory testing shelf. Harris describes how the shelf contains “vials holding bespoke hand blown glass stoppers, by Michael Ruh, that are porous absorbing droplets of perfume.” It turns the experience of testing and trying fragrances from mechanical, to immersive, and rich with apothecary history.

Alongside this unique experience, visitors of Perfumer H’s store are also able to make use of an in-store refilling station. This is a new signature of the brand’s stores which isn’t only immersive but environmentally conscious too, and ensures that your Perfumer H fragrance bottle actually becomes an heirloom you can pass down, since there’s no need to replace it. Harris also describes the opportunity to witness the candle-making process in an intimate setting on the lower-ground floor of its flagship store.

It’s clear that Perfumer H places a massive emphasis on the buying experience as something personal, but as many people take their shopping experience into the digital sphere, all of this intense interest in creating a store that feels like home begs the question, why? To put it simply, it’s because Lyn Harris appreciates the value of an in-person shopping experience, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect fragrance.

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She explains that, “our customers want to come and experience fragrance in this environment. We have meticulously crafted environments to showcase our products, having our consultants on hand to take customers on an olfactory journey, exploring the multiple fragrance families and trying to perfume on the skin.”

Harris’ appreciation of fragrances as more than something you can click and collect runs deep within Perfumer H’s ethos, and it’s why the Mayfair store is designed to be so welcoming. When it comes to perfume, the experience of buying it is as important as the purchase, and it’s something that can not be replicated digitally.

When asked what advice Harris has for customers visiting the new Perfumer H store, she said, “I would encourage them to be bold and try out multiple fragrances. It’s also so important to test the fragrance on the skin, I often say that the skin is the last ingredient.”

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Looking to the future, it seems we’ll be seeing more homely and inviting Perfumer H spaces opening up around the globe, as Harris teases ​​the brand’s takeover of Asia, something she’s excited for as the brand already has so many customers there. She also hints at a new Spring fragrance, saying, “we think it will resonate with those customers who wear Rain Cloud.” So, if you are able to head into Mayfair, make sure to spritz Lyn Harris’ personal favourite fragrance, Perfumer H’s Rain Cloud, a musky, humid, and floral scent.

Be sure to escape into the new home of Perfumer H in the heart of London when you’re next in the area, but in the meantime you can visit the brand’s website where you’ll find its full range.

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