Palace and Baracuta celebrate the best of British

Palace and Baracuta celebrate the best of British

by Ollie Cox
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Palace have teamed up with Manchester jacket makers Baracuta for two exciting takes on their legendary G4 and G12. For AW23, Palace re-worked the brand’s classic outerwear offerings with GORE-TEX fabric, which tbh we need right now. 

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Rooted in Subculture, Baracuta’s jackets have been worn by just about anyone cool. It’s G4 jacket was worn by Mods in the 60s, serving as a symbol of modern style and a f*ck you to the establishment, as they rebelled against the lifestyle set out by their parents. 

The G12 is a newer addition to Baracuta’s lineup, building on the foundations set by the G10. Perfect for when it’s p*ssing down, this jacket makes use of a longer cut to keep more of you dry. Pairing with a single breast closure, this a seriously nice coat that will serve you well. 

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Known for engaging collaborations and appreciation for timeless quality, Palace is able to revamp the timeless silhouettes in a way that remains true to both brand’s identities. 

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For the campaign, Palace went HAM on the product testing, with skater and model Lucien Clarke crouching in a fountain for maximum beading. Arriving in a trio of striking orange, blue and muted green colourways, there’s something for everyone. 

Set to release at 11AM on August 4th online and in store, this drop is perfect as we head into Autumn, and, dare we even say, winter. 

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