Twitter is officially ruined

Twitter is officially ruined

by Juliette Eleuterio
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That’s it, Twitter has officially become X. Elon Musk has done it. He’s managed to claw, or rather buy, his way into an app that really didn’t need him, and after imposing his conflicting agenda on freedom of speech – which, by the way, has only led to an increase in hate speech but watch out anyone sh*t-talking Musk as your account will probably get deleted – Elon has now completely ripped apart Twitter to make it, well, X.

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If you didn’t know, X has been a part of Elon’s branding for quite some time – think of the Tesla Model X, SpaceX or even Paypal which Musk initially used the URL for. He couldn’t even resist putting an X in his kid’s name, X Æ A-Xii, who’s nickname is, you guessed it, X. And now it’s Twitter that’s suffering the consequences of Musk’s borderline obsession with the letter. Basically it’s Elon’s world and we’re all just living in it, or at least that’s what he wants

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The blue bird has been chased from its nest, with a transformation that was progressive: first it was that redirected to Twitter, then the new X logo came up in-app, and now it’s impossible to find the app on your home screen because its appearance has changed to reflect the new logo.

While the app is still running like Twitter did, with every user still active and their accounts intact, something about X just feels wrong. Surprise, surprise, long-time Twitter residents aren’t too thrilled about this new change, and honestly, we get them. One Twitter user @emjw_97 tweeted “Why is twitter now called X in me phone it fully looks like a p*rn app”. Considering this decision was made by the man who made his Tesla car models spell out “S3XY”, what could you really expect?

It’s not just online that Musk is feeling the backlash, after a series of complaints has led the obnoxious lit-up X sign to be removed from the San Francisco headquarters building, just about a week after it got installed. We’re hoping Musk will take the hint after that, but he’s not exactly known as someone who likes to retrace his steps. So unless someone manages to oust him from the company, we realistically can’t expect a comeback for Twitter.

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Twitter has been a part of pop culture for over a decade, giving us some pretty iconic sayings in 280 characters or less. Before Kanye used the app to his own demise, the rapper went on more than a few rampages of absolutely chaotic yet iconic tweets. Even those fake Kanye tweets are so ridiculous that anyone could mistake them for actual things the artist has written.

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Who could forget about Rita Ora who failed to reach 100,000 retweets to prompt her album release or that Katy Perry and Chief Keef interaction? Twitter is the place where celebrities say the most out of pocket sh*t, where the Love Island reactions pop off every evening from 9PM, where the memes are darker and more unfiltered than Instagram and the birthplace of the literary genre of the notes app apology.

It’s also the home of some pretty tight-knit communities who bond over their niche likings, like high fashion Twitter who have no shame in absolutely bashing the Met Gala flops and educating you on the meaning of the Maison Margiela numbered-label. There’s no platform quite like Twitter where you could find usernames that go by @rafsimoans_ or @fashlonfaguette, so let’s hope X lasts long enough before a new CEO is appointed and gives us a rebrand back to its roots.

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