Do we really need to tell you not to throw s*** at celebrities?

Do we really need to tell you not to throw s*** at celebrities?

by Robyn Pullen
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Why we’re even having this discussion is actually beyond me, but obviously it needs to be said: stop throwing s*** at celebrities. Over the weekend, a video went viral of a “fan” in the crowd at Cardi B’s Las Vegas performance throwing water over her. Obviously they didn’t get memo not to f*** with Cardi B, because she retaliated by dropping her mic on said fan and they weren’t too happy with the response.

Whatever the fan thought Cardi B was going to after being covered in the liquid from their drink, we’re not quite sure, but they clearly didn’t expect her to fight back because now they’ve apparently gone to the Las Vegas police about the incident. Whether or not the water did any actual damage to Cardi B, other than ruining her outfit, you have to admit it was kind of disrespectful nevertheless.

Whilst people have come forward since the original video went viral to state that Cardi B had been asking fans to throw water at her because she needed to “cool off”, it’s also been said that the person who Cardi dropped her mic on didn’t just throw water: they threw ice at her face as well. Whatever happened before the drink was thrown, it’s clear that Cardi B was shocked by the occurrence and later corroborated to the crowd at the event that she hadn’t wanted anything thrown at her face (like most people, we’d assume).

Since then a TikTok created by a fan from the crowd has gone viral for stating that they were left “bruised and sore” from getting “smoked by [Cardi B’s] microphone” despite not having not even been the one who threw the drink. However, there’s no certainty that this is the same person who filed a police report – it could just be someone else who was caught in the crossfire. In the fan’s defence, two wrongs don’t make a right and Cardi B shouldn’t have chucked her mic back into the crowd. But also, don’t you guys know not to test Cardi B?

Even before the incident at Cardi B’s concert over the weekend, Bebe Rexha was also assaulted by a “fan” at her concert in New York in June. She was struck with a mobile phone to the face – and we know how heavy those things can be – and was actually taken to hospital before developing a nasty black eye from the attack. In comparison to Bebe Rexha’s battle scars, Cardi B almost looks like she came off light; but the fact remains that neither artist should’ve had anything thrown at them in the first place.

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We have to accept that it’s a minority of people who are willing to launch stuff at celebrities’ faces whilst they’re performing on stage; after all, out of a stadium of 1000 people it only takes one to ruin the whole thing with one underarm throw. But the fact that even a handful of concert-goers think its OK to throw s*** on stage is still baffling. This isn’t even a new phenomenon; we still haven’t forgotten the “fan” who threw what looked like a water bottle at Justin Bieber in December 2009, causing him to just walk off stage mid concert. Didn’t we learn our lesson then?

This isn’t the Middle Ages: we don’t throw rotten tomatoes anymore, and if you don’t want to see someone perform on-stage then don’t go to their concert. It’s as simple as. To put it simply, those of you who are still chucking s*** at celebrities in 2023 either need to stop or face the fact that a lawsuit is probably coming your way. Capiche?

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