Meowing is in: cats on the runway this Men’s Fashion Week

Meowing is in: cats on the runway this Men’s Fashion Week

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Feeling feline? After a Men’s Fashion Week filled with a healthy dose of cats and their cameos, so are we. 

Some of your favourite designers really put the cat in catwalk this season. Jonathan Anderson hit a home run with his eponymous label, JW Anderson, at Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Blurring the lines between genders by sending down a style of bare tights you’re probably used to seeing on Kendall Jenner, Anderson infused the everyday with the sensual under a menswear lens. 

Because it’s Anderson we’re talking about here, the wacky and kooky was to be expected, and the wacky and kooky was delivered. Cats were seen laid out on crew neck jumpers, but not any old regular cat, a blown version of a cat’s face for extra shock value, seen apparent on the FROW’s attendees’ open jaws. The cat sweater is based on a painting by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter, Katharina Kubrick, for who she painted “Polly the cat” in 1988.

Givenchy also took a crack at the cat theme this season over in Paris. This Fall/Winter 2024 season marks the first time Givenchy showed a collection designed by the in-house team, after the departure of former Creative Director Matthew M. Williams. The offering took us back to the roots of Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy and explored modern expressions of the gentleman.

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Couldn’t see the cats on the runway? Look closer. Givenchy’s plastering of the pet was a hard one to catch, but that’s what we are here for. On look 17, cats were subtly hidden, peeking from underneath a layer of cream-coloured faux fur, made up of brown eyes and grey whiskers. If you missed that one, the following look comprised a tight-fitting grey tank top, where several yellow-brown-eyed cats were plastered on to.

While it’s all very reminiscent of that cat who crashed the runway in 2018, essentially giving us a lesson in cat walk realness during the Esmod International Fashion Show held in Istanbul, it seems that 2024 is the year of the cat, and not just on the runway. 

Just last week, singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey featured in SKIMS’ Valentine’s Day campaign shot by the icon of photography, Nadia Lee Cohen. In one of the images, LDR can be seen in an all-pink outfit, wearing a top from the new collection’s loungewear pieces, with satin opera gloves and a bow in her hair to finish the look, but our favourite accessory remains the two white fluffy cats. 


Maybe, our top heads of the fashion industry have all been spending a bit too much time on the RSPCA website, in the search for a home-body companion, because same. Or it might be that the industry still hasn’t recovered from Jared Leto’s realistic albeit terrifying take of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, at last year’s Met Gala. Or, how could we forget Doja Cat’s show-stealing SFX makeup to literally embody Choupette and meowing for the entirety of her red-carpet interview with Emma Chamberlain

Even fashion gets hit with the winter blues, which is the perfect time to adopt a cat really. More so than just a fluffy friend, fashion has been taking a real liking to (faux) fur recently, with a myriad of collections this season featuring the material. Even TikTok’s recent aesthetic obsession, the Mob Wife aesthetic, is centred around a beautiful (faux, we hope) fur coat.

All in all, it is winter and the only thing most of us could think of is to stay at home at all costs – the accompaniment of a cat is just the cherry on top of a cozy day in. Fashion portraying cats is just yet another proof that the art form does explore our deepest, furriest desires. And honestly, purrr.

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