Meet your LVMH Prize 2024 semi-finalists

Meet your LVMH Prize 2024 semi-finalists

by Robyn Pullen
4 min

The LVMH Prize just revealed the twenty finalists up for its prestigious award. Here’s what you need to know.

Given that previous participants of the LVMH Prize – one of fashion’s most revered competitions – have included the likes of Steven Stokey Daley, Simon Porte Jacquemus, and many (many) more, even just the nominees for this award are recognised as one to be watched. One, or more, of its twenty finalists could easily be next decision makers in fashion, so if you don’t know their names, get to know.

The twenty brands selected for the LVMH Prize 2024 span across eighteen countries, including Mexico, Moldova, and Togo apparently for the first time ever. Another new aspect of the group is that almost half of the brands selected are menswear focused, showcasing the immense growth in this category.

Below are the all twenty of the brands being featured. Make sure you familiarise yourself with them now; one of these designers will be running the fashion industry in a few years time.

New York-based, Togolese designer Jacques Agbobly with @agbobly

Julien Louie’s American brand, @aubero__

Menswear by Mexican designer Patricio Campillo at @campillo_official

Genderless designs from Taiwanese designer Chia Hung Su aka @chiahungsu_

Dutch designer, Duran Lantink’s feminine, masculine, and fluid collections at @duranlantinkyo

Womenswear from American designer Elena Velez or @elenavelez

Fidan Novruzova’s womenswear design from Moldova via @fidannovruzovastudio

Womenswear out of Sweden, by designer Ellen Hodavoka Larsson aka @hoda_kova

A menswear brand by South Korean designer Jiyong Kim via @jiyongkim_official

London-based, Brazilian born designer womenswear Karoline Vitto for @karolinevitto

Japanese menswear by designer Koki Abe aka @khoki146

Womenswear out of Belgium, by designer Marie Adam-Leenaerdt via @marlastar

Genderless designs from the Italian Niccolò Pasqualetti or @niccolopasqualetti

UK-based designer, Paolo Carzana’s take on mens and womenswear at @paolocarzana

French womenswear from designer Pauline Dujancourt aka @paulinedujancourt

A design duo made up of Derek Cheng and Alex Po from China at

Womenswear by Irish designer Michael Stewart or @standing_ground_

Israeli designer, Yonathan Carmel’s take on womenswear at @vautrait

New York-based womenswear and menswear from design duo Everard Best and Tela D’Amore Best for @whodecideswar

And finally, Spanish-Chinese designer Yayi Chen Zhou’s womenswear brand @ya__yi_official

The twenty designers will showcase their collections at the LVMH Prize’s semi-final on February 29th and March 1st in Paris, so make sure you keep an eye out for the winner.

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